Happy Labor Day

While we all enjoy what most of us consider the last weekend of summer, let us remember why we have a holiday today and take note of all the workers who have helped contribute to the success and prosperity our country now enjoys (despite a few bumps in the road we may experience along the way).

Photo: Margaret Bourke-White/TIME & LIFE Pictures, Jan 01, 1942

Of course for many of us, Labor Day also marks the start of a new school year. While nowadays that means trips to Staples and online shopping, back to school for me will always evoke the style that Ali MacGraw epitomized in Love Story – those classic fall looks that just never grow old.

So whatever Labor Day means to you – have a great one and remember those who have indeed labored for us so we can enjoy this extra last day of summer vacation!!

21 thoughts on “Happy Labor Day

  1. You always have a way with words, images, fashion, history and making me really think about how much I love life and work.
    Enjoy your labor day.

  2. You’ve opened my eyes again, thank you to everyone who has made this day possible. On another note I hope life is returning back to normal? for you after the storm…..it’s raining up here….ugh!

  3. My husband is knee deep in wires and cables. He has ripped up his car and is installing some sort of high-fangled sound system. I deliver cold drinks, give back massages, and ooh and aah at all things technical about which I have no clue! Happy Labor Day to you!

  4. Thanks for the great reminder…makes me want to rent Love Story tonight. One of my all time favorite movies. We are at the lake enjoying this extra day. A cool front came in last night and I am on the screened porch with coffee wrapped in a blanket. Enjoying every minute of it. Have a great day. Mona

  5. happy labor day to you! I hope you’ve recovered from the storm! Lulu singing To Sir with Love is one of my all time favorite movie moments, and Ali McGraw in Love Story? Too good. Enjoy the day!

  6. Happy Labor Day to you, as well! I hope that you have had a wonderful weekend… it’s beginning to feel like Autumn for certain, with the cool, crisp morning and nights… it’s approaching and the thought of cozy coats like the ones that you show is so comforting! I look forward to layers and leaves :)

    xx, Sarah

    p.s thank you so much for the kind comments—you always have the most wonderful things to say…

  7. I love Margaret Bourke-White!!! Saw a wonderful exhibit with her pieces many years ago and have been a fan ever since. Hope you had a great holiday weekend Q : ) xx Kelly

  8. Ahhh, Oliver Barrett IV & Jennifer Cavilleri. I loved them back then and still do! Boy she had a mouth in that movie! Hope your weekend was wonderful and you are beginning to feel high and dry!
    xo Lisa

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