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I’m delighted to report that today you can find me guest posting (yes, again) in Toronto, Canada. I hope you’ll join me while I visit the lovely Connie at Sogni e Sorrisi where I’ll be discussing my favorite vacation spot. Here’s a little hint

Whether talking about fashion




or her favorite TV shows,

you can always count on Connie for a dose of stylish fun!! Hope to see you there!


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13 Responses to Getaways Guest Blog

  1. I look forward to it dear and how nice to see a few favorite bloggers together!

    Chic ‘n Cheap Living

  2. You have been a busy guest, Q! Love Connie and am off to read your post…

  3. elle says:

    I don’t know Connie’s blog and Toronto is one of my favorite cities. I’ll be travelling over there today to see you!

  4. Caroline says:

    Oh, I am going to check it out!! Take care, Caroline

  5. maureen says:

    will check it out…

  6. Thanks so much for participating Stacey, I really enjoyed reading your guest post! And thank you very, very much for the kind words. xo

  7. Barbara says:

    Great post about your favorite summer place! ; )

  8. Such a wonderful post, about such a wonderful place. Despite always summering most of the time on Lake Michigan, Nantucket remains one of our favorite spots. I actually like it best in September after Labor Day, when most everyone has headed back home but the weather is still nice. (Your photos are stunning.)

    BTW, I’ll go on urban vacations, never fear!

  9. The Zhush says:

    Heading over now!:)

  10. Checked it out…it was great and I am so on board with all your choices!! Especially the good food, travel and your favorite things to watch on TV!

  11. Well aren’t you a busy little bee?! Headed over that way now.
    Have a great day.

  12. Off to visit you over there! Hugs xx

  13. Jessica says:

    Loved the post!! Nantucket is a place I need to visit…especially right now!
    xo J~

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