Cottages & Gardens Talks to Mario Buatta and Ellie Cullman

I was delighted to produce for Cottages & Gardens a video conversation between DJ Carey, editorial director of the luxury magazine group, and Mario Buatta with Ellie Cullman at the venerable Madison Avenue antiques emporium Florian Papp. Stop by the Cottages & Gardens site to listen to the designers discuss their new publications, the state of design and each other.

Mario and EllieIt is a fun, insightful and entertaining segment from two legends of the design industry. I was honored to be a part.

4 thoughts on “Cottages & Gardens Talks to Mario Buatta and Ellie Cullman

  1. How delightful to listen to!

    I adore Mario……..we met him on two “Save Venice” trips……(peak experiences….if you can go!! “Save Venice” literally “saves Venice” ; by raising money to restore and protect the incredible treasures that are at horrific risk in Venice, Italy!

    the reasons are legion……and really irrelevant…..the facts are there are enormous artistic treasures at enormous risk!

    Mario with his cowboy hat with a pony tail attached; kept us laughing thorough the entire time! However, we never lost sight of the beauty and quality of what we saw! We adored the trip! and Adam adored learning from the Florentine paper -maker……(900 years)! to the glass blower on the island…….who had used the same tools for 900 years! Adam adored it! He spoke to all of them! and they have not forgotten them!!!

    “Save Venice” is an America-based organization and has International followers!

    (It does, in fact…..”save Venice)!!!

  2. What a wonderful interview and these two books are definitely on our “musts” for Christmas. It’s fun to get to actually hear their voices and see them on the video – wonderful job! We LOVED meeting you in New York – so thrilled to put a face to a blog that is a favorite!!

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