Antiques to Visions | Catching Up from A to Z

From the Avenue Antiques Show (a ring from Camilla Dietz Bergeron I loved but lost out on)

coral ring

to celebrations for authors – Timothy Corrigan (a vignette from Vicente Wolfe’s chic loft where the party was held)

Vicente Wolf's loft

and Howard Slatkin (signing his special edition book – see below – at Bergdorf’s)

Howard Slatkin

Howard Slatkin Fifth AVenue Styleto Hearst Designer Visions (Alessandra Branca‘s glorious bedroom for ELLE DECOR)

Alessandra Brancato High Point Market (Jacques Garcia‘s chic collection for Baker with hand forged details)

Jacques Garcia for Baker

to the excitement of technological advances (HB Connect brings our Charlotte Moss video directly to your phone in this month’s House Beautiful)

House Beautiful ConnectHouse Beautiful Connectto a special lunch

Dessert at Gotham NYCI have much to share but haven’t had a minute to spare. So stop back soon for the scoop on the story behind the style.

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5 Responses to Antiques to Visions | Catching Up from A to Z

  1. So much and all of it more beautiful than the last. And if that last scoop was indeed for you, I send belated Birthday Wishes for a wonderful year ahead!!

  2. franki says:

    That Baker line…WOW! franki

  3. Amazing. The Jacques Garcia piece is superb. Anxiously awaiting all the details.

  4. You’ve been beautifully busy! That ring, oh my. Was the “happy birthday” your celebration? If so, wishing you the happiest!

  5. so sad about the ring—SO you! happiest birthday, stacey! what an amazing year you have had. XX

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