Cottages & Gardens Talks to Mario Buatta and Ellie Cullman

I was delighted to produce for Cottages & Gardens a video conversation between DJ Carey, editorial director of the luxury magazine group, and Mario Buatta with Ellie Cullman at the venerable Madison Avenue antiques emporium Florian Papp. Stop by the Cottages & Gardens site to listen to the designers discuss their new publications, the state of design and each other.…
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At Home Video with Susanna Salk and Howard Slatkin

There aren’t very many New York City apartments these days that could justify an entire book. But then again, there aren’t very many apartments like the one owned by interior designer Howard Slatkin. In a six thousand square foot aerie overlooking Fifth Avenue, the designer has created a dream home worthy of a royal residence.With totally bespoke interiors of breathtaking craftsmanship, Fifth Avenue Style celebrates not only Slatkin’s creative vision and passions but his love of the handmade and the gifted artisans with whom he works.…
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Fifth Avenue Style Coming Next

Behind my quiet facade this week is a maelstrom of activity. There’s been filming and editing galore, so stop back tomorrow for a special At Home video visit, with a behind the scenes look at a little Fifth Avenue Style. Fifth Avenue Style
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The Detailed Interior | Decorating Up Close with Cullman & Kravis

We all know that the devil is in the details and in The Detailed Interior, Elissa Cullman and Tracey Pruzan of Cullman & Kravis, share the magic of the vital smaller elements and detailed components that contribute to the success of the bigger decorating picture.…
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In the Works

September means not only back to school but the onset of many great events, design books in anticipation of the holiday season and in my family, a slew of birthdays and celebrations. So while there is lots in the works I can’t wait to share, my niece’s beautiful weekend wedding and my husband’s birthday today meant I just didn’t get as much done as I had anticipated.…
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Branca at Bergdorfs

Not only has Alessandra Branca launched her fabulous new fabric line with Schumacher, but she also partnered with Bergdorf’s to transform the always tempting seventh floor with her new fabric and home collection. Last week I stopped by for the official launch party – a festive evening well attended by a who’s who crowd of NY design.…
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Gary McBournie Living Color

How could I not be won over by designer Gary McBournie, whose favorite color is orange and cites Auntie Mame as a movie that continues to provide him with design inspiration? Looking through his book Living Color is like joining a celebration of colorful interiors and the designer’s contemporary twist on tradition.…
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Central Park NYC | An Architectural View

Ever since the 2008 publication of their superb volume on Chinoiseries, many have been eagerly awaiting the next publication from Andrew Zega and Bernd H. Dams. Happily, Central Park NYC: An Architectural View is finally here. Following years of exacting research, this lavish and unprecedented volume traces the history, creation and beauty of this National Historic Landmark from their very visual point of view.…
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Picture Perfect Parties

Even though it’s not officially fall, the “season” seems to have already gotten underway with invitations flowing in. How convenient that Picture Perfect Parties is coming from Rizzoli on October 1 to solve all our entertaining needs. Picture Perfect PartiesStylist and entertaining expert Annette Joseph‘s motto is “make it simple and make it gorgeous” and you will clearly see how she achieves her results in her terrific new book.…
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Tom Scheerer Decorates

Tom Scheerer has clearly struck a chord. Already there have been quite a few pieces about this book, even before publication. There is a reason. Tom Scheerer In a world that constantly celebrates bigger and better, Scheerer’s particular brand of understated, underdecorated design is like a refreshing Bahamian breeze.…
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