Tom Scheerer Decorates

Tom Scheerer has clearly struck a chord. Already there have been quite a few pieces about this book, even before publication. There is a reason. Tom Scheerer In a world that constantly celebrates bigger and better, Scheerer’s particular brand of understated, underdecorated design is like a refreshing Bahamian breeze.…
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C.Z. Guest | American Style Icon

True style icons are few and far between but C.Z. Guest ranks at the top of American qualifiers. More than merely beautiful and stylish, the essence of her status emanated from within, expressing her zest for life across the board. She was the alluring embodiment of seemingly disparate worlds.…
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Happy 4th of July

Wishing everyone a very happy, safe and festive 4th of July! 4th of July American flag made of books arranged by Thatcher Wine of Juniper Books via the Random House facebook page
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The Landscape Designs of Doyle Herman

There are some areas of design where I know what I like but have no knowledge of how to achieve it. Landscape design is one of those disciplines and I am thankful for the likes of Doyle Herman here in Connecticut, whose work I have admired for years.…
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Stylish Shopping with Susanna Salk and Carolyne Roehm

Carolyne Roehm has an exquisite eye for beauty and a passion for perfection. No wonder everything she touches is divine. Even the inception of her career started sublimely as a house model and designer at Oscar de la Renta for ten years.…
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Magni Modernism

James Magni’s new volume, Magni Modernism, celebrating his 25 years of design, is a testament not only to the longevity and relevance of modern design but to Magni’s particular refined and soulful version. The power of glamorous simplicity, elegant open spaces and harmonious connectivity mark the fourteen projects that fill the volume.…
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Designers Abroad | Inside the Vacation Homes of Top Decorators

Who doesn’t love fantasizing about a vacation home in an exotic locale. And even better if designed by a world class decorator. Designers Abroad is the stuff of armchair dreams. From Brazil to Sri Lanka to Mexico, Italy and France, this volume offers a fabulous inside peek at how designers live in and are inspired by the cultures of their adopted countries.…
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World Tour

World Tour is a tribute to travel. Not the travel of today with long lines and frequent frustrations but the civilized voyages of the early 20th century aboard stately ocean liners and legendary trains – a time when elegant passengers journeyed around the globe visiting grand hotels across the continent and exotic locales beyond.…
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American Decoration by Thomas Jayne

Just like Thomas Jayne’s thoughtful designs, his American Decoration is a book for those, like me and I daresay many of you readers, who like a little substance with their style. Jayne’s sophisticated yet livable interiors are based on years of personal experience, coming from a family with a wide ranging legacy of houses, his extensive academic training and his professional experience, having started his career under the tutelage of Albert Hadley.…
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BEHIND THE Q | Thom Filicia on American Beauty

Thom Filicia is a talented bundle of unbridled enthusiasm. For those of you who have seen him on Queer Eye or speak in public, you will know that he is not only a gifted designer, but has a contagious positive energy.…
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