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As you can imagine, I had many books on my Christmas list and luckily Santa obliged!! But Santa is a very clever fellow – he knew my bookcases were full and that I would need to find other ways to store and display my new acquisitions. Just look at the fabulous foo dog bookends Santa (in the form of my generous sister) sent my way!

Not only did I get the foo dogs but these handsome stags (or are they ibex?) showed up miraculously as well. They look quite at home in my bedroom don’t you think?

If you also received a bevy of books as gifts over the holidays but weren’t as lucky to have such a generous sister, here are a few suggestions to keep your volumes standing tall.

If you love my stags, here is a similar pair that you could have for your own.

These classic triangle natural marble bookends would look great in either a traditional or modern space.

I love these clever vintage bookends.

If mid-century is more your thing, these jax bookends by Ben Seibel for Jenfredware circa 1950 would be perfect.

As would his sculptural brass moderne pair.

You’ll add a little tranquility to your life with this pair of bronze Buddhist Monks holding your tomes

These elegant hand carved lucite horns would make a dramatic statement anywhere

Spizani, the playful Italian brand, offers many lucite options, such as these seahorses

For dog lovers, there are these rare antique french bulldogs

these adorable cocker spaniels from the 1930s

or the charming reproduction cast iron westie bookends

And these foo dog bookends are custom cast and finished on demand – you can choose from over 150 finishes including some that can be made for exterior use.

Lastly in this round up are the fabulous architectural bookends from Timothy Richards, about whom I have written before. No list would be complete without his amazing work. He offers both single bookends such as this incredibly detailed version of the V&A

or the traditional double versions such as these of the Mozart Opera House

And even if you do have enough bookshelf space, any of these would love lovely as decorative accents within their confines!

51 thoughts on “Booking It

  1. I thought this was going to be a post about your new Nook. So happy that there are others who still have not made the leap! I should have realized you would be a purist. The bookends are wonderful! Santa bought my wish too! Keith Richards autobiography. Yesterday was the perfect guilt free day to stay in bed all day and read…loved that!

    • Hi Debbi – Definitely haven’t made the transition. Still need to hold and feel – only problem is finding room for them all! I’ve heard great things about the Keith Richards – have a fun day reading!!

  2. Glad you got the books you were itching for and I’m loving your new bookends…fabulous! I’m going to order those westie bookends for my in-laws…they have been lifelong owners of westies (I’m certain to win daughter-in-law of the year award with being so thoughful!) Your round up of bookend is impressive.

  3. This is a wonderful Christmas gifr! I had to think about the bookends earlier!!
    My favorites are the cocker spaniel bookends and the beautiful Mozart house bookends!
    Thank you so much for all your sweet comments on my blog!! I just subscribed to your blog now!!
    I wish you a Happy and Healthy 2011!!

    • Hi Greet – Love those as well! Love visiting you – your blog is always an inspiration! Wishing you a happy and healthy new year as well!

  4. I adore your new book ends…and of the others you show I absolutely love the bull dogs…love the functionality of book ends and that they allow us to extend the enjoyment beyond the literary aspects and highlight the visual art of the book. Wishing you a Happy New Year!

  5. Love your foo dog bookends… you sister has great taste. I like the Jonathan Adler dachshund bookends since we have a dachshund. One of these days I will order them. xo

    • Hi Debby – yes, my sister has fabulous taste and style! I know the Jonathan Adler dachshunds – adorable!

  6. I’m with you…I can’t have enough books around me, and I have a complete obsession with stylish bookends as well! Your new ones are fab…and as to those stags, I have been admiring a similar pair at Mason in New Canaan for quite some time…as a Capricorn, I prefer to think of them as “rams”:), and I just might need to treat myself to an early Birthday gift…to help ease “the pain”:)

    • Zhush – I have a bit of bad news for you – mine ARE the ones from Mason – I had admired them also when shopping with my sister – and then there they were – under the tree! However, Katie from the Neo-Traditionalist left a comment here that she also has a pair – perhaps you could see where she got hers!

  7. I love bookends as well..(I have the cocker spaniel ones!) I have several split geodes that I use as bookends throughout the house. Nice post!…K

    • Hi Kathy – oh lucky you – those are so adorable!! And I love geodes as well. Are you familiar with Kimberly McDonald’s fabulous geode jewelry?!

    • Hi Teresa – thanks – this was a particularly fabulous year for books. I’m still trying to find space for them all!

  8. Love all these bookends–especially the jacks, and those westies are so cute. So nice to be inspired by these, I could really use some good bookends!

    xo Mary Jo

    • Hi Mary Jo – So many choices – but with so many books, I think we could all use more than one set!!

  9. Hello “Q”!

    I’m hoping to be able to leave you a comment now… :-)

    This is so nice! I LOVE books! This is a perfect gift for book-lovers like us! What a wonderful sister you have.

    I hope you have a great week!


    Luciane at

    • Hi Luciane – so glad you were finally able to connect! Yes, there are indeed so many of us book lovers in the blogosphere!!

    • Hi Marianne – Yes, I got some marvelous books – I’m thrilled! And thrilled with my bookends as well!

  10. Love the bookends you got for Christmas this year! I have a Westie…and have those Westie bookends you pictured…and love them!! Take care, Caroline

  11. My friend recently bought a pair of blue agate bookends and I have been envious every since and she got them for $20/pair at a local salvation army…lucky girl! And lucky you to receive such awesome Christmas gifts!

    • Hi Danielle – What a great buy your friend made! And yes, I was lucky as well to receive such great things!

  12. aww, those little Scotties have my vote! I actually have a pair of bookends very similar to those…but they’re bunnies. I love to display my favorite books too.
    xoxo alison

    • Hi Alison – my sister in law collects bunnies so I’m always on the look out for them – they sound adorable.

  13. Ohh, I got The Great Lady Decorators too. I can’t wait to read it when I have more time. I adore your foos!! Yes, your sister is very generous and has wonderful taste to boot. I have a thing for bookends. I love them all actually…especially the antique French bulldogs. Your home looks lovely!


    • H.H. – I haven’t had much of a chance to look at all my books yet – can’t wait! It’s been like Grand Central here with the kids and all their friends. I just came out of the family room after watching a movie – and yet more people had showed up – after midnight!

  14. In the late seventies, I had a time in my life that I did my new apt. in mirrors,glass,Lucite and lots of yellow It was a happy place.
    Love this site , the chair,handbag everyting is beautiful.
    Glad I found you.
    Happy and Prosperous New Year

    • Hi Yvonne – thank you! Your old apt. certainly sounds like a happy place indeed! Wishing you a happy new year as well!

    • Oh dear – quite the tall order – can’t think of anyplace off-hand but will keep my eyes and ears open!

  15. Loved this post. I agree that book ends aren’t only great for books but also as decorative accents! We are a black lab family so we have a set of those as well as some thunder egg ones (a great wedding present!) that I like to use around the house in other ways…I could definitely have fun buying more – my faves were the horns!

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