A New Year’s Salute to our Four Legged Friends

Four legged friends | Howard Slatkin's Winnie

We had a recent scare with our dog Charlie, who I am happy to report is fine. But it was a reminder of his cherished position in our family. I know several of you lost beloved pets this year (my heart goes out to you) and others have joyfully welcomed new four legged friends into your homes. So for dog lovers everywhere, here’s to starting 2015 off right by celebrating our devotion to our furry family members.

Four legged friends | Howard Slatkin's WinnieIn Susanna’s and my video from this time last year, we visited designers at home and in their offices who paid tribute to their personal passions for their pets.

Others have followed suit this year with their own homages. Designer and blogging friend Fabrice Bana of A-Gent of Style posted an entertaining series of interviews with designers talking about “their adorable, loyal (some might add long-suffering) canine acolytes with discerning tastes.”

Dogs and Their Designers via AgentofStyle.com

And Lonny posted a fun slideshow linking to the “most design-savvy dogs on Instagram… whose designer lifestyle rival that of their stylsetting humans.”

Four legged friends | Lonny Dogs on InstagramHere’s to a year of furry fabulousness!

11 thoughts on “A New Year’s Salute to our Four Legged Friends

  1. Stacey and Susanna,

    This is the best one yet! I was so delighted to meet all the designers and their beloved pooches! My own Spencer is the most loving companion anyone can ask for! He is laying right next to me as Im writing this. Like Bunny and John we found him on Petfinder, which is the very best. We could not imagine our lives without him. I saw a bumper sticker for rescue dogs once and I think of it everytime I look at Spencer. It said “Who rescued who”

    Thanks for sharing and Happy New Year to all!



  2. This is so lovely! As with Michael, our rescue, Kipling, is curled up next to me so closely that it is making it hard to type. When we met him, he had been picked up after having been abandoned in front of a big supermarché where he waited for his owner for eight days. It has been a long road to recovery for him -he had been abused and bitten by other dogs-but he is so sweet and loyal with us that he would follow us to the ends of the earth! As for Ben, our Golden, he is an old soul with a kind spirit and he has taught me so much…Our dogs mean the world to us.

    Thank you for this wonderful – and important! – post. :)

  3. I LOVE the LOVE! My Hudson is 10 a true blessing and devoted BFF. He was just diagnosed with a very serious heart condition and I am praying or a miracle. This post filled my heart with hope, faith and love. Thank you for sharing and giving our special friends the recognition they truly deserve!

    Happy New Year!


    • Marjie,

      Our beloved friends mirror our health issues and our souls.
      I mix a small amount of canned pumpkin in with the dry food that I feed Jack, our Havanese.
      Google to see if there are any heart benefits for Hudson, or see what your Vet thinks.

      Know that Jack and I are sending you all good things for the New Year!

  4. Thank You SOOO much for remembering the pets that we share our homes with! I have 3 rescues without whom: My wallet would be full, my house would be clean, but my heart would be empty :)

  5. Oh, I’m so glad that Charlie is okay! Here’s hoping 2015 brings him nothing but good health. These little fury friends are members of the family. Our family dog, Lila, is 11 years old, has diabetes, and is cared for lovingly by my dad and entertains everyone at their assisted living community. She’s inspired lots of art and has a special place in my heart.

    What a great way to start the year with a salute to our best friends with four paws! XOXO

  6. I so enjoyed this, especially the rescued ones. I was oohing and Pippa, my corgi-licious, came running in from her squirrel patrol to see what I found so entertaining. I’m sorry to say she was not as amused and returned to smudge up the windows.

  7. This is one of my favorite posts to read! So much love for our four legged friends, they are a blessing!!
    xo. Leslie
    Segreto Finishes

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