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As many of you now know, after BEHIND THE Q, I run an additional post from my side of our excursion. I could have made many selections right from Dominique’s lovely house, like this classic Alvar Aalto vase above, but I will of course stick to actual possibilities!

In Little Compton, the three of us were lucky enough to time our visit with a local church fair. One of the most appealing aspects of this charming town is its time warp quality, which I love. Other than the addition of modern cars and ATMs, much of the town looks like it hasn’t changed in decades. I’m sure this event must have been about the same 40 years ago. As Dominique alluded to in her post, I scored big time! I love tabletop and found this incredible set of vintage plates. They have a fabulous heraldic quality and with their beautiful muted colorway, will be perfect to mix and match with many of my other pieces. Now for the best part – a set of twelve for $30! Yes, you read right! The prices seemed out of the past as well!!

Yet that’s not all. I also found this incomplete set of brown transferware. While there are not 12 of everything – there are more than enough pieces (not all shown here) to create a fabulous tabletop for anything from breakfast to buffet! And are you ready? This entire set for…..$50!!

At one of my new favorite companies, Nankeen, the choice was tough, so of course I chose (and purchased) more than one item!

I have already used this stylish clutch on several occasions. It’s simple yet sophisticated design and pattern add a graphic pop to many of my summer outfits. And an added plus for me? It’s lined in orange!!

I also picked up these casually chic coasters – perfect for summer entertaining indoors or out. I understand that since my visit, Nankeen has also added reversible placemats and napkins to its offerings!

Tiffany Peay’s jewelry store is more like shopping in a friend’s living room. With comfortable chintz covered chairs and friendly staff, it is easy to peruse the beautiful collection in relaxed comfort. My road trip partner, Dr. Pat Allen (Dr. Pat to you readers of Slow Love) modeled my favorite necklace.

I love how the stones seem to just float, yet fall perfectly in a graceful shape.

Gallery 4 is an eclectic space, with both art and antiques. I gravitated to the same collection as Dominique. This beautiful Chinese mirror would be at home in a variety of spaces, from traditional to modern. The detailed frieze at the top set within the simple wooden border creates an elegant contrast.

The Cottage at Four Corners is truly one of those retail establishments that is hard to leave. Each circle around the store revealed new discoveries. Before I realized, it was time to leave and I hadn’t even narrowed down my selection. Honestly, any choice would have been special, but the beautiful colorway in these Libeco linens spoke to me. Don’t you think they’d be perfect with my new plates?!

As much as Dominique loves great design, she also has other interests with far-reaching implications. Any regular readers of Slow Love Life know that Dominique is an avid supporter of environmental issues and works closely with (and writes for) several significant organizations including the Moms Clean Air Force. See how the development of slow love has evolved into her other very important work. And if you are a parent who cares about air pollution, you might want to consider checking out this worthwhile organization. Thank you Dominique for helping us appreciate the beauty in this world in SO many ways!!

BEHIND THE Q: Dominique Browning Environmental Initiatives from Quintessence on Vimeo.

29 thoughts on “Behind the Q – Both Sides Now

  1. What fun to get to do some more shopping with you and Dominique! Love your picks. That transferware is just my style and the necklace– just gorgeous. Thanks to Dominique and to you, too, for bringing this little bit of beauty to us. I love this series and can’t wait to see who we get to meet and “shop” with next!

  2. What a great time! You ladies visited such special spots!! I adore the linens and the gorgeous plates..12 for $30 a great find!


    Art by Karena

  3. I have such HUGE shopping envy! That set of plates is a real find – like you said to mix and match will be so fun! Thanks for taking me along with you! Beautiful pics and btw, I also love that glass vase…we have a smaller version. The designs are classic and modern at the same time – just love them.

  4. Well, you definitely had such luck at the church fair but it is well-deserved! Gorgeous pieces. The area around Dominique’s home seems like perfection. The secret is out of the bag now!

    And thank you for your additional information on her activities. What she is doing is so important. We need more voices like hers during this difficult time.

  5. Lucky you! What wonderful finds… I especially like the Nankeen clutches and one of a kind finds at the church fair. I hope you did get the linens to go with your new plates! I especially liked the video – we all do need to think more about the world around us!
    Great piece!

  6. What a lovely Part Two of your wonderful Behind the Q! I’m crazy about the twelve plates!! And, love learning more about coastal R.I. and seeing another clip with Dominique. I know the sound of wind in videos well, and found all of nature’s sounds to be a charming backdrop to her discussion about her work with the environment. You are a pro Stacey!! ox

  7. Love this! Scoring is an understatment! Deals of a lifetime is more like it, love the plates and the transferware is gorgeous, the brown so rich…..oh the beautiful tables you will be able to set mixing and matching it! Cannot wait to see… your navy and white clutch too, very chic. I am really impressed with Dominique….like here I have a list of things to do when the kids are all grown and gone (not something I am at all wishing for, in fact wish I could push a pause button) but she is so right…we all have to do our part to be sure we leave a safe, clean and healthy world for our kids too.

  8. Stacy,
    You scored big time with those vintage plates and brown transferware! I hope we will get to see them in a future post.

    Having never been to Rhode Island, I am keeping your notes so that I can plan a family trip next summer!

    xo E

  9. oh my gosh..I love dishes..they are my weakness, especially transferware…
    I used to have quite a collection but due to moving around quite a bit have gotten rid of much of it..but will soon be back collecting it again..
    love the dishes you picked up..gorgeous..

  10. Oh, I am so boring with my all-white dishes. really, I need to go hunting for some of your great finds though I doubt I could top your exceptional deal. Sounds like such a fun day. XO

  11. What a fun excursion! Isn’t it so much fun to score something with a past history? I love the set of twelve dishes. The clutch is fabulous and with orange lining…hello! Miss you. Sounds like you are having a great summer. We’ll have to do lunch again in the fall.

  12. Stacy, I just had a chance to read these posts and watch all the videos–such a lovely interview with a lovely lady. I so enjoyed this and love this series, it’s so special.

    xo Mary Jo

  13. I practically jumped out of my chair when I saw those amazing pieces you scored at the Little Compton sale. You know that gets my blood running. Fabulous prices. Oh if it wasn’t so far, I must go and lament my misfortune yet still rejoicing for you :) Fun!

  14. Loved, loved your post and am jealous of your finds. Didn’t say to pass on such deals as you found. I’m in love with the plates and the china. Good thing I wasn’t there first. They would probably be in my cupboard. They almost gave those away. You will enjoy them for years. That’s the key.

  15. I’m so laughing, I just left Mona’s post about making little purchases and you were right, you made great purchases and so cheap. Looks like it was a fun day of girl shopping and playing. I want Dr. Pat’s great hat!

  16. I LOVE THAT brown transfer, and a great price! You did good. I come across them from time to time but I pass them up being that I have so many dishes and don’t need anymore. Just keep your eyes open if you want to complete your set.

  17. Church fair… yes, please! Love the behind the scenes footage and really love your finds. I could definitely tag along as your camera girl/shopping partner! Bookmarked Nankeen : ) x KO

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