At Home with Caleb Anderson and DeAndre DeVane in their Elegant Manhattan Apartment

At Home with Caleb Anderson and DeAndre DeVane

When designer Caleb Anderson of DRAKE/ANDERSON purchased his 1926 Manhattan apartment, it hadn’t been touched in years. Belonging to the original family since the building was erected in the 1920s, nothing much had been changed, so a complete renovation was in order. When his partner, DeAndre DeVane, joined him in the apartment during COVID lockdown, they discovered how versatile the apartment really was! Please join me and Susanna for a behind the scenes visit with Caleb and DeAndre at their elegant Sutton Place home.

A fan of traditional pre-war architecture, Caleb kept the original classic six floor plan, only incorporating the maid’s room and bath into the primary bedroom. He incorporated custom elements and finishes throughout, including the elegant fluted plastering in the living room.

Caleb Anderson Sutton Place living room
living room with custom fluted plaster walls

Known for his layered approach to design, Caleb finds creative ways to marry classical and modern elements, through materiality, form and interesting juxtapositions. Creating this type of captivating tension echoes his interest and knowledge of a span of styles and periods. Above, antique sconces flank a contemporary mirror above a classic stone mantel. And on the other side of the supremely elegant living room, a striking Vicky Barranguet triptych hangs over Caleb’s custom designs of a midcentury inspired sofa and brass coffee table. A 19th c. Italian urn punctuates the space with antique gravitas.

Caleb Anderson living room via Quintessence
living room with Vicky Barranguet triptych

In joining celebrated designer Jamie Drake in 2015 to form their new firm, Caleb gained a greater appreciation of and confidence in using bolder colors, employed to great effect in the distinct yet related spaces of his apartment.

Caleb Anderson bedroom with Christina Watka art installation via Quintessence
bedroom with Christina Watka art installation

“Each room is its own color experience but they all connect. The bedroom is a darker moodier room perfect for sleeping, the library is more vibrant and energizing, the living room is more calm. I enjoy playing with the color language and how it can affect different emotions and moods.” And in the deep blue bedroom, above, there is also the sophisticated conversation between the Christina Watka porcelain wall installation, antique girandoles and contemporary ceramic sculptures by Israeli artist Yuliya Tsukerman, based on vanitas-style paintings. What you can’t see in my photo is the detail of the beautiful Dedar moiré fabric that Caleb had paperbacked for the walls.

Caleb Anderson in his vibrant yellow home office
Caleb in his vibrant yellow office

The vibrant yellow library multifunctions as a workspace, TV room and guest room, which proved to be a lifesaver during COVID lockdown. Here Caleb’s signature mix includes a 19th c. desk, custom contemporary leather chair, a hand crafted Catellani & Smith gold leafed light fixture and rock crystal orbs – one of Caleb’s favorite materials.

Caleb Anderson classic black kitchen
classic black kitchen

The classic kitchen with black tiles, La Cornue range and brass hardware is an ode to the 1920s. And its red glass mosaic floor (not visible above) is a subtle nod to the adjoining room, below.

Caleb Anderson dining room
Mirrored dining room

It doesn’t get more glamorous than the dynamic mirrored dining room, totally enveloped in a rich red lacquer. A vintage Baccarat chandelier offers timeless allure over the custom spider marble table and red velvet banquette opposite vintage chairs upholstered in the same. It is a masterful match of color and materials!

BOLD by Jamie Drake and Caleb Anderson
BOLD by Jamie Drake and Caleb Anderson with Judith Nasatir

So thank you Caleb and DeAndre for welcoming us into your stunning home! And to see more of DRAKE/ANDERSON’s work, BOLD is the firm’s first book, offering a look inside eleven remarkable projects, showing the breadth and depth of their opulent modernist designs.

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  1. This IS one of the MOST BEAUTIFUL homes in recent memory…OH, MY, HEAVENS…it is DIVINE!!! BRAVO!!! franki

  2. Hey there, author! Loved your article on Caleb and Deandre’s Manhattan apartment! Their elegant space with a mix of contemporary and classic vibes is truly inspiring. The view from their balcony is breathtaking! Your writing style is engaging, felt like chatting with a friend. Can’t wait for more home tours and design inspirations from you. Keep up the great work!

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