The Art of Vintage and Modern at Dragonette

What do resourceful designers do when they can’t find what they want? Why they make it themselves of course. Befitting the emphasis on the unique and bespoke at Legends, that’s exactly what Patrick Dragonette has done at his eponymous La Cienega showroom. Known for his über stylish mix of predominantly mid 20th century furniture, accessories and jewelry, he has been producing an expanding collection of pieces under his private label as well. Patrick’s shop is always a dangerous stop for me. With his chic vignettes, echoing a time of high style in fashion and decor, I had visions of Cary Grant bringing me a martini at a poolside pavilion.  A strong selection of William Haines, like this custom, tooled leather topped 1942 games table from the Rutherford Dozier estate, strengthens the allure.

William Haines custom games table at DragonetteI love the details like the drinks pull outs. I’m getting thirsty, aren’t you?

William Haines games table at Dragonette From these oversized 1940’s Art Moderne brass andirons

Art Moderne 1940's brass andirons at Dragonette

to an elegant Calvin Klein 1990’s sterling tea set for Swid Powell,

Calvin Klein sterling 1990's tea set for Swid Powell at Dragonette

Patrick’s unerring eye brings pieces into the shop for every spot in your home. The Dragonette Private Label Collection includes quite a few chic lucite pieces. The Nile Chair is a sexy fusion of the mid-century look of the tubular leather with the clear modern architectonic lines.

Dragonette Private Label Nile Chair

The useful Madison side table in a variety of metals with a selection of tops, as above and below.

Dragonette Private Label Madison side tableThe Santorini chair takes the concept of a modern classic and infuses it with a timeless allusion to an ancient form.

Dragonette Private Label Santorini chair

And I love the chic versatility of the “Social Climber” lucite step stool.

Dragonette social climber lucite step stool

Small go anywhere seating is covered by the Lexington bench, available in a choice of finishes and of course fabrics.

Dragonette Lexington benchThe Loretta chair is the perfect size for vanity, dressing table or even fireside – think ebony or gilt for a glamorous addition.

Dragonette Loretta chair

Lighting includes the Pedra series with its geode glam,

Dragonette Pedra lamp

in a variety of iterations

Dragonette Pedra table lamps

including this special edition encased in brass.

Dragonette special edition Pedra lamp

The fabulous Dragonette Diego lamps are of course inspired by the Swiss sculptor.

Dragonette Diego lamp

There is a table version, floor lamp as above or a standing version with built in table, perfect for – yes, a martini!

Dragonette Diego Lamp table

The front of the store is admittedly rather tortuous for me. An incredible selection of mostly vintage couture costume jewelry includes many runway pieces like this poured glass and pearl necklace from Chanel.

Chanel necklace at DragonetteThese Lawrence Vrba mother of pearl, rhinestone and faux jade and coral earrings were calling my name.

Lawrence Vrba earrings at Dragonette

For those in the know, YSL costume is highly collectible and this stunning necklace (on top) by Robert Goosens for the house features his signature gold caging and the YSL gold flower.

YSL necklace at DragonetteThis Iradj Moini citrine necklace is just my color but I’m afraid wasn’t in the impulse buy price category.

Iradj Moini necklace at Dragonette

And it’s a good thing this fabulous Vera Wang bib is not my colors because it looks fantastic on.

Vera Wang necklace at Dragonette

And as if there wasn’t enough temptation already, Patrick has even customized foil covered chocolates – and I can unfortunately attest that they are the perfect afternoon treat after an exhausting day at Legends!

bespoke chocolates at Dragonette

6 thoughts on “The Art of Vintage and Modern at Dragonette

  1. OMG!!! Move over, please…”Cary, Cary?!?!? The lucite ladder the 1940′s Art Moderne brass andirons AND CHOCOLATE!! CARY!!! franki

  2. Look at all the lovely furnishings and baubles and we love the lucite pieces! With our mother’s birthday around the corner, that YSL necklace is calling her name. Hope you’re having a great trip out West!
    C + C

  3. The Dragonette Private Label Collection is a show stopper!
    I am flabbergasted to encounter a combination of leather and lucite – truly one of a kind, so unexpected, so counter-intuitive, yet chic and statement making.


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