Alex Papachristidis Kips Bay Show House Dining Room

Alex Papachrisitid Kips Bay Showhouse Dining Room 1

Enter Alex Papachristidis‘ Kips Bay Show House dining room and you are transported to a tour de force of enchanting elegance. Shades of such early 20th century design titans as Elsie de Wolfe and David Adler and the high style of Mona von Bismarck are evident but you never completely lose sight that you are enveloped in a luxurious lair of modern living.

Alex Papachristidis Kips Bay Show house Dining Room

The room began with the bold graphics of the painted chevron patterned floor, partially covered by a Beauvais rug made of Turkish tent panels sewn together to form a stripe. Some may see the world through rose colored glasses but I’ll take the divine tonal beauty of this room enveloped in custom Gracie wallpaper. Based on the original Elsie de Wolfe design for the Condé Nast ballroom, Alex had Gracie execute it in grisaille and blow up the scale and proportion for maximum drama.

Alex Papachristidis Kips Bay Show house Dining Room 1

In the final approval stage for the wallpaper, Alex’s partner Scott Nelson suggested that a bit of color might be in order, so the designer added subtle plums and purple peonies and butterflies – a slightly exotic, magical addition. And for a whimsical surprise, Alex had Gracie hand paint the backs of several dining chairs with the exquisite flowers.

Alex Papachristidis Kips Bay Show house Dining Room chairsThe bones of the room are augmented with architectural additions by Fairfax and Sammons. Crown molding matches the windows in the wallpaper and gutsy yet elegant door casings and high baseboards anchor the space.

Lalanne chair in Alex Papachristidis Kips Bay Show house Dining RoomAlex is a master of melding timeless classics with the best of contemporary craftsmanship and this room is an ode to his love of the decorative arts, antiques and fine artisanship, all incorporated in a modern manner. Lalanne pieces stylishly pepper the space. Chair, above, alligator bench and candelabra, below, add sculptural gravitas, enhancing the glamorous gold and silver color scheme.


Lalanne candelabra in Alex Papachristidis Kips Bay Show house Dining RoomCovering the glorious walls would have been a sin so Alex added art and a sense of history with Roman antiquities from Olivier Chenel in Paris.

Roman statue in Alex Papachristidis Kips Bay Show house Dining Room

Contemporary ceramic artist Eve Kaplan made the monolithic table base with brass rimmed glass top.

Eve Kaplan table in Alex Papachristidis Kips Bay Show house

And to two Georgian crystal chandeliers from Gerald Bland, she made modern beads that Alex draped on the arms – like modern jewelry on a grand dame. It’s all about using antiques in a modern way, presenting them anew to give them fresh life and vitality.

Chandelier in Alex Papachristidis Kips Bay Show house

The amazing 18th century consoles from Dalva Brothers, after a design by le Brun, were originally in Mona and Edward von Bismarck’s Chinese room in their Paris apartment, below. You can see one to the right of the elegant countess sporting one of her many signature Balenciagas.

Edward and Mona von Bismarck in their Paris apartment

Alex outfitted the tables with alluring accoutrements, each topped with his AP Alex lamp for Christopher Spitzmiller in a chic new gold to silver ombre coloration and Chris Spitzmiller organic shaped tazzas.

18th c. consoles in Alex Papachristidis Kips Bay Show house Dining Room

Alex designed the room as a multi purpose space that could be used not just for dining but as an inviting spot to meet and mingle with family and guests. One of the consoles serves as a glamorous bar.

18th century consoles in Alex Papachristidis Kips Bay Show house Dining Room

William Yeoward crystal, Buccellati and vintage Baccarat meet for a chic mise-en-scène,

Bar in Alex Papachristidis Kips Bay Show house

Samuel Marx 1940’s mirrored obelisks from Liz O’Brien, George Condo drawing (a loan from client Stafford Broumand) and an 18th century gilt bronze and marble French clock from the Chinese Porcelain Company grace the mantel with a stylish period mix.

Mantle in Alex Papachristidis Kips Bay Show house

A pair of Victoria & Son brass coffee tables, topped with amazing accessories such as Christopher Spitzmiller‘s giant gold luster gourd (filled with candy by the way),

Coffee tables in Alex Papachristidis Kips Bay Show house

are enhanced by artist Nancy Lorenz, who created custom tops of mother-of-pearl, lacquer and gold leaf. The box is from a personal favorite, the multi-talented architect/artist/designer Achille Salvagni represented at Maison Gerard.

Coffee table in Alex Papachristidis Kips Bay Show house

The table continues the gold and silver color scheme with Mottahedeh china, Buccellati silver, William Yeoward crystal

table in Alex Papachristidis Kips Bay Show house Dining Room and beautifully detailed custom napkins and placemats from Leontine Linens.

Leontine Linens in Alex Papachristidis Kips Bay Show house Dining Room

The comfortable sitting area features fabrics from Cowtan & Tout including a gorgeous new “water stained” silk damask and hand painted coordinated pillow custom painted by Gracie.

Cowtan and Tout fabrics in Alex Papachrisitis Kips Bay Showhouse Dining RoomOf course there are many details that make the space, from the Samuel and Sons trim on the scallop edged sofa

trim on sofa in Alex Papachrisitis Kips Bay Showhouse Dining Roomand lampshade topping the Frances Elkins standing lamp from Liz O’Brien

Frances Elkin Lamp in Alex Papachristidis Kips Bay Showhouse dining room

to the silk velvet Maltese crosses on the curtains

curtain detail in Alex Papachristidis Kips Bay Showhouse dining room

to the canopied dog bed from Louis Bofferding fitted with an image of the famous Teddy, Alex’s and Scott’s beloved yorkie.

Dog bed in Alex Papachrisitis Kips Bay Showhouse Dining Room

Thank you Alex for an elegant and luxurious take on modern living.

Alex Papachrisitis 2016 Kips Bay Showhouse Dining RoomIt’s with a sophisticated creativity that you show us how to incorporate an important acknowledgement of the past with style, whimsy and fun!

Alex Papachristidis in his Kips Bay Showhouse Dining Room

all photos by Stacey Bewkes for Quintessence

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  1. Fabulous room!! Best part — the candy dish — filled with candy of course! Mr. P. is the best host ever! Hoping for a YouTube video on the room and its inspirations!

  2. Amazingly designed room. Beautifully photographed and covered by Quintessence. Thank you!

  3. This room has taken my breath away… rarely does one see such pure luxe on a scale that is both large and yet intimate. Those consoles… and I adore the gourd … so much to take in and beautifully captured and documented by you Stacey! Bravo!

  4. This room is beyond fabulous. Alex is a true master of elegance and style. His attention to detail sets him in a rarified category. Bravo Alex and thanks to you Stacy for your detailed coverage.

  5. There just aren’t enough exclamations…even for me. Incredible…the details, oh, my, the details…(the chair and THAT LAMP!!!!!!) franki

  6. A beautiful, elegant room, what an amazing design. Will you be featuring more from Kips Bay? I hope so, if not, can you please tell me where I can see some of the other rooms? Have a wonderful weekend.

  7. To be frank, Kips Bay hasn’t inspired me for quite awhile….but this Alex Papachristidis room is simply BRILLIANT !!!!!! This silver and gold room is truly inspired and captures all the elegance we’ve not seen in the design world for many, many years.Kudos to Mr. Papachristidis

  8. Wow, over the top!! I am heading over on Monday morning to check this out! Beautiful post!!

  9. Stacey:
    You have completely outdone yourself with this magnificent photo journalism! The amazing array of detailed images in this room surpasses what is possible in print journalism. Thank you for taking us around this room as if we were walking in it. This is so important and such a revelation because this room by Alex Papachristidis is undoubtedly the best room in America now, having set a new bar for elegant grand style interiors, somehow lush yet witty, French, Modern, Chinese and all things gorgeous. I am planning to paint my floors immediately.

    Re color: Alex has solved a universal conundrum: how to give focus to those hundreds of soft grey rooms( and kitchens) one sees published and online, without resorting to black: gobs of gold, which everyone adores. This is the cutting edge now.

  10. STYLE…sums up the whole! Your either born with it or not…and he aside from Ann Getty are truly tastemakers unto their own! Sheer brilliance, singular and transporting. Love ALL OF IT!

  11. Thank you, Stacy, for your skilled documentary on this luminous and dazzling room at the showhouse!! I just saw it today and I’m thrilled to have your photos and commentary to refer to…

  12. Thank you for covering all of the exquisite details of this room! I was just dying to know what the dining table’s base was made of. I never would have guessed it was ceramic. Fabulous! I also loved how AP embellished the already-dripping-with crystals chandelier with ceramic beads. So unexpected & delightful!

  13. Totally stunning! I cannot get over the gorgeous dining room chairs! Were they made for Alex or was he fortunate enough to find the wonderful set?

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