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This past week I visited the fun concept store, Wood Shop, in NoLIta. The brainchild  of David Stark, the art installation has “ambushed” fellow RISD grad Nina Freudenberger’s stylish shop, Haus Interiors on Elizabeth Street. The temporary month long exhibit cleverly walks the line between gallery and retail experience  (you can also shop for items online on Haus’ website). David Stark is no stranger to creative concepts. The amazing artist, masquerading as a celebrity event planner, has executed the most extraordinary affairs for clients ranging from Beyoncé to The Museum of Modern Art. In addition to designing collections for West Elm, Stark has mastered the art of the pop-up with temporary stores for such iconic brands as Target.

Chic interior designer Nina Freudenberger runs Haus Interior as both a retail space and design studio. This was a landmark year for Nina, as she was named a Trad Home New Traditionalist, received an IFDA Rising Star Award and will be starring, with her firm, in the upcoming design show “Real Designing Women” on HGTV.

The concept for the shop started with an innovative installation David did last year featuring an entire background world made of wood (Smartply). With Valentine’s Day as the inspiration, the project began with his clever Valentine poster, which can be folded and sent in its accompanying envelope or framed as above. Another sendable/frameable design option is below.

Some of the available items are just for fun, like the wood desserts, based on memories of fake food childhood toys.

Wood shop desserts

But many of the shoppable hand made items are an entertaining combination of form and function,

all executed with a clever tongue in cheek humor. I love that both mind and eye are engaged and it’s hard to walk through the shop without a big smile.

Wood Shop zip bags and cutting boards

 There is truly something for everyone. From the wonderful sewn and knitted tool pillows

to the wearable pendants (Nina is wearing one above) – you’ve got to love the wooden nickel,

Wood shop wrench and wooden nickel pendants

to the wall of tool clocks,

you can tell everyone had fun creating the double entendre rich displays.

But the hands-down favorite seemed to be the charming box of wooden chocolates

Wood Shop represents a new form of concept shop – landing somewhere in between retail, art, and entertainment. It’s like an elaborate theme party or gallery opening where everything just happens to be for sale!

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24 Responses to Wood Shop

  1. David Stark is such a mass of creativity— loved the tour. He did a similar pop up at West Elm a while back where everything was made of paper!

  2. sheer brilliance! i marvel at those with such off the charts imagination

  3. Karena says:

    I love how fun and interesting his shop is! Love the wood slices, the knitted paint pail and brush! very cool!

    Art by Karena

  4. I was so meaning to get to this concept store last week and with the gift show ending, had no time. What a genius David is and what fun! Though I “wood” prefer my chocolates to be the real deal… ;)

  5. pretty pink tulips says:

    “Wood” have loved to have seen this pop up shop in person! Love the double entendres and clever concept. That “pining for you” poster and “write it like you mean it” pencils are the BEST!!!

    Great find, Stacey!

  6. pve says:

    A clever friend who worked for a top advertising firm visited years ago from London and sent a lovely thank-you note playing upon the stacks of wood that my husband so lovingly chopped. I think I need a trip there for something witty and woodsy.

  7. What fabulous pieces – I want one of everything! I agree fun, engaging and so much to talk about. David Stark is a great talent!

  8. How clever, creative and FUN! What wonderful imagination and I love how everything is served up with a little wink. Agree, the box of chocolates has to be my favorite – and I would be happy to have a bouquet of those pencils on my desk to keep me smiling! Thanks for starting my day with a dose of inspiration and creativity, Stacey!

  9. Briliant!!! I saw several items I just might have to have. I’m off to see the website. XO, Mona

  10. kayce hughes says:

    Such a treat to see!

  11. Roger Nilsson-Hallén says:

    Interesting, just the trend.
    Where to buy the wood printed fabric. Producer??

  12. I love seeing something new,and this sinew to me. I love this wood work, and I am amazed by the realistic pieces. I need to buy that wooded cake and put it in the place of the real one.
    Thank you for the introduction, Stacey.

  13. Wowwwee! This is very cool. I adore the wood “pastries” and the pencils. Fun shop indeed.

  14. bruce barone says:


    And I wood love to go there.

  15. mary jo says:

    I would not be able to leave this shop without buying something! I love that you wrote about this Stacey and plan to visit when I’m in NYC!

    xo mary jo

  16. marcie says:

    What a great shop. I think there are a lot of custom artists here http://www.custommade.com who would love a gift from Wood Shop.

  17. This place looks awesome! Putting on my list for next trip! Thanks for stopping by RHS!

  18. designchic says:

    What an amazing talent and such clever ideas…so wish his “chocolates” could make me stop eating my chocolates!!

  19. I loved seeing David’s work it’s wonderful. I thought that “pining for you” sign was fun until I saw the wood desserts and that box of chocolate, so fun! Peoople are so amazingly creative!


  20. hamptontoes says:

    Oh my goodness, I must purchase those I Like You. A lot. pencils. Those words have been a running joke of mine and my husband’s since we first started dating. My husband (back then boyfriend) said to me in the Hamptons, I Love You and I replied looking him in the eyes by saying “I like you. A lot.” Eventually weeks later he got the I Love You and has had it ever since. Great post and thanks for bringing back some fun memories.

  21. Oh how quirky and fun! My husband would love his work!

    Chic ‘n Cheap Living

  22. How creative and utterly whimsical. I could imagine entire children’s line of toys.

  23. So whimsical and endearing! Love this. Thank you Shelley!

  24. Stacey says:

    so fun! i couldn’t help but think about my students when i saw the pencils. the items would make lovely gifts too. i love that “wood you be mine” heart-so cute:-)

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