The Return of the Woody

Jeep Wagoneer in Tommy Hilfiger ad

As I’m Nantucket bound, excited to be getting ready for an extended stay, I was thinking of past journeys and what images connoted the summer ritual of packing up and heading out for the season and one immediately came to mind – that of the classic Jeep Wagoneer. You may remember the Tommy Hilfiger ad from five or six years ago for his “The Hilfigers” campaign that featured a classic woody. Packed to the gils with vintage tartan and wicker baskets, the car symbolized the essence of all-American family road trips.

Jeep Wagoneer in Tommy Hilfiger ad

Other vehicles may fall into the summer island beach category – the Land Rover Defender is another classic that comes to mind – but nothing has quite the same all-American appeal as the beloved woody. The first modern SUV, it was introduced in 1963 and made until 1991, making it the first four-wheel-drive vehicle with automatic transmission and the longest domestically produced vehicle on the same (car) platform.

Jeep Grand WagoneerThe Grand Wagoneer models, example from Jeep above, were made starting in 1984 and are now highly collectible. With the iconic wood paneling, leather-trimmed upholstery, aire conditioning, AM/FM/CB stereo radios and a powerful V8 engine, they were the first luxury car in the SUV category. The Hilfiger model was, I believe, a 1989 and a classic 1984 below.

1984 Jeep Grand Wagoneer

Jeep recently announced that they will be bringing back the model for 2018. While the details seem to be under wraps, the car is being billed as a premium vehicle to compete with upper end SUV’s such as Range Rovers and Mercedes. Let’s just keep our fingers crossed that they look to the past to move forward. Take a peek at a few vintage models spotted on island. Below, a 1985 model via the Street Peep.

1985 Jeep Grand Wagoneer via the Street Peep

A very early model without paneling via off road action, that I have also seen on island.


a bolder color choice via classy girls wear pearls

woody on Nantucket

and a classic view via Instagram.

Woody on Nantucket

Stay tuned for summer fun from the Grey Lady and perhaps even a little woody spotting.

14 thoughts on “The Return of the Woody

  1. An extended stay! That is a dream. Of all the many decades I’ve been privileged to stay on her shores, no stay has been extended! Enjoy! I will look forward to your reports as this is the first time in many many years we will not embark to Nantucket!

  2. I love this post…I’ve been obsessed with these woodys my entire life, seemed like very suburban mom growing up in Houston Texas had one! I just finished a house on Nantucket, so jealous that you are there for “extended stay,” I was limited to November to May for the installation days but it was still a magical place and beautiful in winter! Enjoy!

  3. Oooh, the “one that got away…” I still hate it I let our neighbor’s white “woody” get away…coulda, shoulda….!! franki

  4. Had one. They drive big! But I want another. Navy with saddle. Nothing like the Grand Wagoneer 💕👏🏻 come on 2018!

  5. I always wanted one of the Jeep Grand Wagoneers but heard that they had real service issues. Before we got one we bought a luxe Suburban and then the “Woodys” faded into oblivion. I found a low mileage one a few years ago but again, the problems that owners of them had told me they had made us shy away. Maybe this Jeep will be better? Sure do love the look of them. Long time Range Rover owner and it is a wonderful car. Has lasted a looong time. Same with our old, old Jaguar. We hang onto good cars forever. Maybe the “Woody” will be the next one?

  6. Hahaha Stacey, I love this. CB radio, oh my that brings back memories!
    Have a great summer,

  7. Leave to you to be ahead of the trend and bring it full circle. Looking forward to all of the treasures you will share with us..

  8. Nice article!
    For the last 24 years we’ve been collecting, restoring, and reselling Jeep Grand Wagoneers and Nantucket/MV/Cape Cod/The Hamptons has been a destination for so many of our Wagonmasters. Look for the thin pinstripe with the word ‘Wagonmaster’ on the front driver and passenger doors just under the windows to verify it’s a Wagonmaster Woody. We thank our entire Wagonmaster Family for their continued patronage and great taste!

  9. I am holding out for a new vehicle until 2018 in hopes of getting a woody. I used to own a 1991 in green. Can’t wait to see the updated version! Yes, the best woody spotting in on nantucket.

  10. We are anxiously awaiting our Grand Wagoneer from Chip Miller at Wagonmaster. It should arrive within the week. I nearly bought one of the 1991’s but decided not to because of the carburetor. Chip has fixed this with adding fuel injection and it should be as dependable as any current car but with the classic look. There is nothing like it.

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