The Chic Table | Hermès Voyage en Ikat

Hermes Voyage en Ikat and St. Louis

While many of the recent introductions from tabletop market will not be out until late summer, one stellar debut is available now for setting a chic table. Even those of you who are feeling jaded from the proliferation of ikat in the design marketplace will be enchanted by Hermès’ new Voyage en Ikat, proving that in the right hands a classic can be reinvented and reinterpreted into something fresh and exciting.

Hermès chic table at DIFFA Dining by DesignI was immediately smitten when I initially saw it at Hermès’ first-ever DIFFA Dining by Design table during the AD Home Show. Benoît-Pierre Emery, artistic director of tableware at Hermès, with Damian O’Sullivan, inspired by the timeless Indonesian weaving and dyeing technique, celebrate the enduring “dialogue between East and West.”

Hermes table at DIFFA Dining by DesignThe brand’s iconic equestrian origins were represented by a magnificent Asian themed horse overseeing the space.

Hermès dinnerware at DIFFA Dining by Design

Encompassing more than twenty shades based on sapphire, ruby and emerald, the collection is elegantly enhanced by 24-carat matte gold. Through variations on the theme, each piece is an individual statement expressed with color and pattern, size and scale.

Hermès at DIFFA Dining by Design

A couple of weeks ago, I had the opportunity to see the dinnerware again in the Hermès showroom at 41 Madison during tabletop market.

Hermès Voyage en IkatHere the large display offered ample opportunity to showcase the endless mix and match possibilities with the collection.

Chic table by Hermès with Voyage en IkatOn an exquisite and subtlely embellished silk tablecloth, the dinnerware was shown, as at DIFFA, with Hermès’ own Attelage flatware in the fabulous gold vermeil.

Hermes Voyage en Ikat dinnerware

Saint-Louis crystal in a rainbow of saturated hues, is the perfect accompaniment.

Hermes Voyage en Ikat and St. Louis

And how charming is their Apollo votive.

Hermes Voyage en Ikat with St Louis tea lightWhether considering dinnerware, a vase or a tea set, the Hermès Voyage en Ikat would be a timeless addition to any chic table.

Hermès Voyage en Ikat porcelain

Be sure to check back tomorrow for the latest episode in our video series!

all photos by Quintessence

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  1. Stacey,
    The Asian Horse is a work of art I would love to have in my home. The Hermes collection is so radiant and refined while being complex and collectible!

    The Arts by Karena
    Giveaway from The Enchanted Home!

  2. Stacey, I’m just loving this collection, the colors and patterns – truly exquisite! I love your consistent love of tabletop, I can only imagine that you host the best dinner parties! And another video? You know I’m a fan of your video series, will be back to check it out!

    xo Mary Jo

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