Creative Collaboration: Samuel Heath & Victoria + Albert

Two of our BlogTour sponsors have already realized the advantages of creative collaboration. Samuel Heath and Victoria + Albert are both British brands based in the Midlands. They had attended many of the same trade shows but it was when they each settled into their beautiful showrooms at the fabulous Chelsea Harbour Design Centre, that they recognized their compatibility and now show each other’s wares in their respective spaces.

Samuel HeathI was already a longtime fan of Samuel Heath. Their classic fixtures have always been on my radar for great design and craftsmanship. Founded in 1820, their fittings represent the best of enduring heritage and new technology. They describe their position as where “tradition and innovation meet” – my kind of combo!!

Samuel HeathMade from the world’s finest brass, from a source less than 15 miles from their factory, each piece is hand polished for an unequalled luster. I originally knew the brand for their more traditional designs like the warm Antique fixtures above or the classic Fairfield line below. I loved this oversized shower head in the showroom.

Samuel HeathI just love these beautiful wooden handles!!

Samuel Heath

Samuel Heath

But they also carry incredibly chic modern fixtures as well, such as Xiara, it’s sleek thermo bath below

Samuel Heath

And the exquisitely simple Xenon collection – the shower

Samuel Heaththe wall mounted basin filler

Samuel Heathand the sculptural kitchen faucet

Samuel Heathphotos courtesy of Samuel Heath

And Samuel Heath’s successful merging of tradition and modernity was eloquently expressed in the images of  “The Four Graces” around the showroom. This current campaign features gorgeous photographs of women and water becoming one, symbolizing the timelessness and purity of their products integrated with the innovation of design and technology – what a creative elegant vision.

Samuel HeathAnd within this space were featured some of Victoria + Albert’s beautiful products as well. Their commitment to style and quality fit perfectly with Samuel Heath’s vision. During our fun champagne brunch, friend and fellow BlogTour attendee Tamara Stephenson, took the opportunity to try out the Toulouse tub!! Seems to suit her don’t you think?!

Samuel HeathThe pure and luminous quality of the Victoria + Albert products is due to their composition of finely ground volcanic limestone mixed with resin. The beautiful organic shapes are made in a single piece and I think could work in any number of decor styles. Here is another look at the elegant Toulouse tub.

Samuel Heath

You can probably already sense the synergy between the two brands. The superb quality, timeless design and hand finished elegance of both make for a perfect pairing. From the grand Victorian statement of the Cheshire tub

Samuel Heathto the serene sleekness of Amalfi (can you even imagine?!)

Samuel Heathphotos above courtesy of Victoria + Albert 

Their showroom was incredibly inviting with a variety of tubs, basins and accessories.

Samuel HeathSamuel Heath

Samuel Heath

Samuel Heath and Victoria + Albert represent the mix of old and new, in tradition and technique, form and function, and sense of style. What better way to harken in a new era of design than with creative collaboration on several levels, making for the most interesting and effective partnerships.

24 thoughts on “Creative Collaboration: Samuel Heath & Victoria + Albert

  1. I love the look of the wooden handles. A nice change after so many years of polished nickel only. London seems to be just the place right now. Expecting more updates….terrific!

  2. I’d enjoy a good soak in the Toulouse every night!! Beautiful and love the back and neck support. That or the amalfi….

  3. I’m a big believer that you get farther in life working together and there’s plenty of clients to go around. No need for competition so I love this post and reading that these two people are working together. That being said they have fabulous products and I want that rain fall showerhead in the third picture. I’m book marking this post since we’ll be renovating our upstairs bath in the spring!

  4. Beautiful line. Just coming off the heels of doing some serious bathroom shopping for many bathrooms, I appreciate the quality and attention to detail. Fabulous nickel faucets and gorgeous sculpted tubs….all timeless classics!

  5. Stacey,

    This is my newest favorite blog! I love it when I meet people and they turn out to be so talented and interesting – it makes reading your already fabulous blog posts that much better (and now I’ll have to step up my game thanks to you).

    This is a beautiful post

    • Bob – thank you so much!! This trip was worth it for the personal connections alone!! Mutual admiration is definitely in order here

  6. We missed you while you were away, Q. but clearly you will improve our lives, at least aspirationally, by enlarging our world view and presenting the latest and most beautiful things to your faithful community. You are a treasure. So glad that no one tried to put you in a design museum.


  7. Wow — a feature of me in a bathtub — that’s a first. As usual, I enjoy your artistic eye and perspective when looking at products and your thorough investigation on the subject. This was an especially fun day wasn’t it?! I miss scouring London with you and hope we get the chance to do it again soon, somewhere fun like Paris? Milan? I can hear the sponsors lining up….xo

  8. That Toulouse tub would be much appreciated here. My husband has long legs and our tub isn’t long enough or deep enough for him to have a nice soak.
    Yes, a perfect partnership for both the shops and the consumers.

  9. You show some serious eye candy here, seeing wood on the handles from Samuel Heath was truly a nice change of pace. (I already showed them to the Spousal Unit!)

    Thank you for sharing more of the goodness from your trip!

  10. Stunning! This makes me want to drop what I’m doing and go retreat and relax in a big, warm bubblebath!!!

  11. Stacey,
    It looks and sounds like you were in heaven. Tamara appears to be thoroughly enjoying herself also. Oh my gosh…you lucky ducks!
    Off to read more now.
    xo Lisa

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