Thank You Design Bloggers Conference

This week in Los Angeles has been the Design Bloggers Conference, a two day event for “interior design bloggers, new media innovators, and interior design industry leaders.” I attended last year and it was a terrific venue for learning, networking and meeting many online friends in real life. Although I couldn’t make it out this time, there has been a great line up of speakers offering sage advice to those in our corner of the blogosphere.

design bloggersAs you may remember, I was nominated for their Design Bloggers Hall Fame awards and was thrilled to learn that I won for Best Overall Design Blog. I am truly honored and appreciative to be recognized by both my peers and the judges. Any of you readers who pen blogs of your own know the work involved and so it is certainly gratifying to receive such a distinguished acknowledgement!

So a thank you to all who stop by Quintessence on a regular basis – there certainly can’t be a blog without a readership – and a little thank you shout out to my video partner in crime, Susanna Salk (who evidently gave an inspiring talk at the conference), for accepting on my behalf (and snapping my award for me above). We have lots of exciting fun in the works for you!

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37 Responses to Thank You Design Bloggers Conference

  1. So excited you won! Well deserved to say the least. I never miss a day.

  2. Very much deserved .. And very happy for you. Congrats, S! Jen

  3. Congratulations, Stacey! So happy for you. You work so hard to bring us original content always with a fresh point of view…Bravo!

  4. Congratulations! Can’t wait to see what is up your sleeves.

  5. Congratulations! I would have picked you too.

  6. Lucrecia says:

    Congratulations, you totally deserved it.

  7. So happy for you, Stacey!!! Brava!! ox

  8. Katherine Glendinning says:

    Stacey, you have definitely set the standard in a relatively new genre.
    Congratulations on well-deserved award!!

  9. Congratulations, Stacey! Clink-clink and cheers to you!

  10. Congratulations Stacey! I love reading your blog! Your pictures are amazing and the content is rich in detail. Brava!

  11. LiveLikeYou says:

    Congratulations!! I’m hoping to have more time to stop by my favorite reads, been so buried with work!

  12. the zhush says:

    Congrats Q! Love that it’s an actual physical award, and lucite and pretty to boot! Extra cool:)

  13. susan niblo says:

    Many Congratulations to you!!! A very well deserved win.

  14. Dick Gentry says:

    Great news! Love your blog!

  15. stitchfork says:

    Whoop! Whoop! Congrats Q!!! Well deserved!

  16. Franki Parde says:

    KUDOS!!!!! franki

  17. Abigail says:

    You deserve it!

  18. DivaDebbi says:

    I couldn’t be more delighted for you Stacey! You know what a rabid, stalker fan I am of Quintessence. Huge congrats!


  19. carey karlan says:

    Wonderful news and so well deserved! Good for you!

  20. Andie Day says:

    Stacey, congratulations on your well deserved award! I can only imagine the places that you’ll be taking your readers to in 2013! Much love and continued success, Andie xoxo

  21. livingstyles says:

    congratulations!! just subscribed your blog,

  22. Stacey: A well deserved congratulations. I do know how hard you work! You are a wonderful and informed writer choosing interesting venues and topics to share. I will see you Style Spotting in High Point.

  23. Stacey, Congratulations! As a regular reader, I agree this is well-deserved recognition! – Carol

  24. Kim Huebner says:

    Congratulations! So good to see your work acknowledged for standing out above the rest! You deserve it.

  25. So deserved, Q! You truly raise the bar for the rest of us bloggers… Congratulations and instead of sending confetti your way, we’ll send a little snow! :)
    C + C

  26. Sue Costanzo says:

    Congratulations! I really enjoy your work. It keeps me connected to the Design World that I miss so much.

  27. well earned stacey, congratulations!

  28. Pretty Pink Tulips says:

    Congratulations, Stacey….so well deserved!

  29. Nicole Hoppen says:

    Congratulations! An honor, you truly earned and deserved :)
    Best regards,

  30. Congratulations Stacey! Well deserved, I always enjoy reading your posts.

  31. Congrats Stacey! Love your blog!!!

  32. Congratulations on a well deserved award!

  33. Congratulations, Stacey! Hard work and diligence pays off. A well-deserved award. XO

  34. elle says:

    Well done! Well deserved! And congratulations!

  35. I am a little late with my “congrats!” This is such a deserved honor. Yours has been a best blog and is just continuing to get better!

  36. Craig says:

    Congrats! and more awards to come :)

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