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At Ease | Low Key Luxe for the Fourth of July

Starting with this shopping collage for the fourth of July, I am hoping to inaugurate a light summer series entitled At Ease, where I will regularly gather some thematic product for stylish occasions throughout the summer. Since we all celebrate the 4th in different fashions, I thought low key luxe might cover quite a few bases.…
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Cheers to the Red, White & Blue – Happy 4th of July!

Whether you’re staying home or going out, dressing up or keeping it casual, there’s a little something here for everyone! Starting with a little RED!! Happy 4th of July 1) Charlotte Olympia London 2012 Pandora Perspex clutch (I know July 4th is all about independence from those Brits, but think Olympics) 2) Kim Seybert Seersucker Napkins (I own & love these) 3) Oscar de la Renta Crystal Teardrop Earrings 4) Campari – with soda on the rocks, with a splash of orange juice or in a Negroni, it’s my favorite red summer cocktail!…
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