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At Home with Susan and Will Brinson At Home with Susan and Will Brinson

While Susan and Will Brinson have successful day jobs as professional photographers, they don a multitude of hats when returning to their 19th century home in the Hudson Valley. Here you might find them acting as painter, plumber, plasterer or any number of other home renovation specialists required in the process of renovating their Greek Revival house.…
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William C Gatewood house pool in Charleston 48 Hours in Charleston

On the heels of our latest video with Carolyne Roehm, I thought I would finally share some glimpses of Susanna’s and my trip to Charleston last month. We were honored to visit Ibu founder Susan Walker at her beautiful home and to document the debut of her collaboration with Ali McGraw (look for that video coming very soon!).…
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Gaga over Gil – Part 1

OK, I confess, I have a bit of an obsession (the oxymoron is actually understatement) with the work of architect Gil Schafer. Ever since I first saw images of his weekend house, Middlefield, in Elle Decor almost ten years ago, I have routinely stalked his site, waiting for new projects to be published.…
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