Skyscapes by Stacy Bass

In my daily perusing on Instagram, I realized that I was regularly receiving gorgeous images of Connecticut skies from local photographer Stacy Bass, whose beautiful book, In the Garden, celebrated 18 spectacular gardens here in the Northeast. From crystal clear

Skyscapes by Stacy Bass to moody and mysterious, her imagery struck a chord with me and many others so I wasn’t surprised to hear that Stacy decided to officially create a series aptly entitled SKYSCAPES.

SKYSCAPES by Stacy Bass“Growing out of my landscape and garden work, I became fascinated with the sky and what was going on in it as a subject unto itself and not just the background or backdrop of the landscapes I was shooting.

Skyscapes by Stacy Bass Then, on my (almost) daily walk, I started shooting more and more of these images (on my iPhone) and sharing them mostly through Instagram and Facebook.

SKYSCAPES by Stacy BassI am very happy that people are finding them not only beautiful, but inspiring, contemplative and restorative as well.

Skyscapes by Stacy Bass

For me, the images have become about celebrating nature; the beauty and the unpredictability of weather; the incredible interplay and dance between color and light and most especially, how important it is to appreciate the wonder of every day.”

SKYSCAPES by Stacy Bass

While mostly Connecticut imagery, Stacy has continued the series while vacationing so there are skyscapes from other locales as well.

SKYSCAPES by Stacy BassThe photos’ popularity led to requests for prints so Stacy is now creating limited edition works of art, available at Connecticut home design destination, Dovecote, below.

skyscapes by stacy bass at dovecote

Individual images, encased in acrylic, are available in three square sizes, 4×4, 6×6 and 8×8.

SKYSCAPES by Stacy Bass

Stacy adds more each week to her online gallery. Interested customers can select a single favorite or a grouping and place an order through Dovecote or contact Stacey directly through her website. As the holidays approach, they are lovely to remember as hostess or housewarming gifts, great for layering in bookcases or table vignettes. And you can follow along on Instagram here for more through Stacy’s creative lens.

7 thoughts on “Skyscapes by Stacy Bass

  1. So lovely, right? It’s so easy to get caught up in the busyness of everyday life and not take the time to be in proper awe of the natural world. The sky is such an amazing canvas, ever changing, always beautiful. I’ll have to start following Stacy on IG. Thanks for the tip!

    BTW, did you know that Dovecote has roots in Seattle? The owner used to have a lovely store here called Great Jones Home, and she used to live right around the corner from me in the sweetest little cottage. I still have a few of her pieces around. You are so lucky to have her talents in Connecticut!

    Happy long weekend, Stacey! XO

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