Royal Iznik Tablecloth – 2 colors


A richly hued patterned tablecloth inspired by the famous ceramic tiles of Iznik. Available in 2 sizes and colors. Made in India.

A feast for the senses  ~ this cloth is embellished with a richly hued pattern inspired by the famous ceramic tiles of Iznik; a vivid and passionately artistic Ottoman empire dating back to the 14th century.

It’s a classic design that you will treasure for its ability to transform your table from ordinary to dramatic. You can dress with a classic white plate or boldly layer in more pattern.

Made with lightweight hand spun cotton & linen blend from India.

available in 2 sizes and colors.

rectangle – 120″ x 75″ – appropriate 6-8 person tables – these are pre-order

square – 90″ X 90″ – appropriate for 48-72″  rounds or square table

These pieces are hand made in India – please allow 4-6 weeks for delivery from date of purchase.


rectangle 120" x 75", square 90" x 90"


Blue, red