Out and About in Paris

While out and about in Paris between the shows, it’s a miracle I wasn’t hit by a pedestrian-loathing Belmondo look-alike, sneering as I tried to elude his cab’s path while snapping a shot. It was hard not to look like a charm-struck tourist, admiring every enchanting vignette. But charmed I was. So pride took a backseat for a week while my iPhone and I got cozy in the city of lights. Take a little stroll avec moi.

Out and about in ParisStaying in the 6eme was a treat. Surrounded by galleries and restaurants, this is the Paris of poster perfection. Much of Paris Deco Off took place walking distance from my hotel. On my way to a show one morning, I realized I was across the street from the macaron mecca of Ladurée.

Out and about in ParisBut even the humblest of establishments dazzled with design conscious displays. Why doesn’t my local grocer’s produce aisle look like this tropical paradise?

Out and about in Paris

And here’s a group of shops I’d love to see stateside

Out and about in Paris

My favorite lunch was in a local bistro. It’s a mystery why I didn’t need a nap afterwards.

out and about in Paris

For those who hadn’t heard, we survived a blizzard in Paris – what would have been merely a snowstorm at home practically paralyzed this city unaccustomed to accumulation. As I said, romantic but messy!

Out and about in Paris

But it didn’t prevent children from enjoying their recess

out and about in parisor us from continuing on our photographic escapades. Paris sparkles at night like no other.

out and about in paris

out and about in paris

and during the day I was intrigued by every entrance, from the illustrious

out and about in paristo the anonymous

doors of paris doors of paris

from the festive

doorways of paris

to the reverent.

out and about in paris

I loved that books seemed to be everywhere

out and about in parisbooks in parisand my last day out and about in Paris proved, with a little help from the Musée des Arts Décoratifs, Patrick Jouin and Van Cleef, that it really is a jewel of a city.

out and about in paris

van cleef

van cleef

22 thoughts on “Out and About in Paris

  1. Beautiful!!! I spent a week in Paris 2 years ago and stayed in an apartment in St. Germain. It was my first visit and I will surely be going again. It is everything I dreamed it would be and more. I can see you appreciated as many details as you could take in!

  2. Ahhhhhhh Paris!!!! Thank you for sharing these wonderful photos with us! Brings back lovely memories. I cant wait to include them in my Polyvore sets!

  3. Thank You Thank You for the beautiful pics! It’s been too many years since I’ve seen Paris and your pics remind me how much I want to go!

  4. Lovely photos.. snowstorm included. Can you recommend design stores to the trade, particularly textiles? I have plans to visit the Maison this September and hope to do additional shopping, including the fleas.
    Thanks, Brenda

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