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One of the most striking booths at Maison et Objet was that of Lalique with their introduction of a full range of Lalique Maison products. From beds and bars to linens and lacquered accessories, the presentation of the new lifestyle line was impressive.

Lalique Maison

I was lucky enough to arrive when Lady Tina Green, the creator of the Lalique Maison line, in collaboration with designer Pietro Mingarelli, was on hand. She was kind enough to walk me through the collection and explain the concept of the new line.

Several years ago Green and Mingarelli had designed a yacht incorporating Lalique into furniture they created for the interiors. The owners of Lalique were so taken with the project, they commissioned the team to develop a full lifestyle line for the brand. It is a large range of products including the pieces you saw in the video and others such as this stunning Dragon bar.

Lalique MaisonThe decoration is of course exquisitely carved crystal, shown closer below.

Lalique Maison

Many of the pieces, such as the bedroom side table can be customized to include specific Lalique designs in the crystal elements.

Lalique Maison

The table light is particularly striking, in polished stainless with a choice of crystal panel, the Merles et Raisins option shown here.

Lalique Maison

There is a large selection of handsome accessories from an elegant backgammon set

Lalique Maison

with incredibly detailed crystal insets

Lalique Maison

to cigar and tissue boxes,

Lalique Maison

Lalique Maisona line of delectably fragrant candles.

Lalique Maison

and dinnerware with embroidered linens

Lalique at Maison et ObjetThe rest of the beautiful Lalique line was displayed as well, including limited edition pieces such as the amazing Révélation Bacchantes vase

lalique vase

classically elegant editions including perfume bottles

Lalique at Maison et Objet

and more contemporary pieces such as the Mossi vase

Lalique at Maison et Objet

and the 1930’s inspired line of Orgue lighting designed by Olivia Putman, now head of her mother’s Studio Andrée Putman. It includes includes sconces, chandeliers and pendants

Lalique at Maison et Objetas well as desk, table and floor lamps

Lalique at Maison et Objet

And lastly are the custom-made designs available for architectural projects. These bespoke pieces include doors, panels, chandeliers and handrails. I particularly liked the Dahlia interior panel, based on an original René Lalique powder box, now reinterpreted as a timeless interior element and the Venise panel below, from the new collection last year.

Lalique at Maison et Objet

I look forward seeing how Lalique develops as a more fully realized lifestyle brand, blending its distinguished heritage with new modern designs and applications.

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10 Responses to BEHIND THE Q | Introducing Lalique Maison

  1. Lisa McMahon says:

    That Orgue chandelier makes me cry. Killer coverage of Maison et Objet, Stacey! Thank you.

  2. Beth lowe says:

    I enjoyed seeing your wonderful Lalique treats today. Have you had tea at Claridge’s in London? The beautiful ladies room has Lalique panels covering the bathroom stall doors. It is considered to be The most beautiful Ladies room of any hotel in the world. Recently I inherited my Aunt Marie’s Lalique vase– needless to say, I love purchasing beautiful roses to fill it every Friday. Cut into the Chrystal is a large rose and it is signed. I assume it was a wedding gift from her marriage in 1919. Lalique is truly lovely.

  3. Franki Parde says:

    Kings and Queens couldn’t have it any better. franki

  4. Hannah Dee says:

    I can only say incroyable! The dragon bar with the inset crystal is beyond beautiful. It all combines masculine and feminine so well. The yacht they designed must have really been something. I’d love a tour of that!

  5. The dragons! Exquisite. It is all unbelievably glorious. Thank you.

  6. Shay says:

    All of this is just mind blowing-ly beautiful! Thanks for sharing

  7. designchic says:

    Wow…every piece so gorgeous, down to the amazing backgammon board…stunning!

  8. Khaled el Wakil says:

    Wow very nice

  9. Samy says:

    Very nice collection , I like it , best wsihes.

  10. Shane Evans says:

    Having known Tina and Pietro for many years this has come out of many hours and sleepless nights of hard work. The finished article is a tribute to their hard work. Silvio had reservations at the beginning but the whole team are surely happy with the results

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