New York Fashion Week Fall 2013 | Veronica Beard

Do you know the charming story of Veronica Beard? Of two sisters-in-law, both named Veronica, who married brothers? With backgrounds in fashion and finance, it was clearly destiny for the two to form their mutually eponymous line, a lifestyle label for busy women who love fashion but not fuss. The line started, in the fall of 2010, with iconic jackets with zip in half linings that could easily change the look without the bulk, a clever idea that originally brought me to their collection.

Veronica BeardEach season since, the sisters-in-law, above, have branched out, adding pieces until they are now a full fledged collection. Wednesday I attended their fall show, an all-American expression of the pioneer spirit. Held in the recently renovated Bill’s, the collection’s references to the origins of American sportswear fit in perfectly with the vintage photos, hunting trophies and leather Chesterfield banquettes.

Veronica BeardAgain we see the balance between masculine and feminine, the peek of the red silk lace edged blouse under the heathered herringbone jacket and tapered pants. One of my favorite pieces is the tobacco astrakhan wool car coat. With fantastic details, this updated classic could easily become a go-to fall staple.

Veronica Beard

This washed silk bandana print is a signature of the collection. Paired with a plaid field jacket and oversized raccoon vest, the look offers the possibilities available to the adventurous modern woman not afraid to express her individual style while “blazing her own trail.”

Veronica Beard

The details define the show’s rough luxe sensibility.

Veronica Beard

The DNA of the brand is in its jackets and this indigo wool denim one with raccoon collar is a great example. Shown over the bandana print shirtdress it’s that perfect yin yang sexy chic.

Veronica Beard

The buffalo stamped buttons, top stitching and waxed lambskin details lend this piece its westward-ho authenticity.

Veronica Beard

Here the original jacket comes into the mix in a new longer and leaner iteration. The brick herringbone with red/black merino wool insert (dickey) is a great contrast with the mahogany token print silk twill pant.

Veronica Beard

The token emerald green was seen in two outfits, one of which this washed silk twill tunic dress shown over stretch leather skinny trousers.

Veronica Beard

Here the bandana print is reimagined in midnight for a modern prairie dress

Veronica Beard

This trio of black and white looks includes another classic jacket/dickey combination, center, with the more feminine alternatives flanking. The more comfortable you are with layering, the more effective and creative this collection becomes. And I somehow have a sneaking suspicion that we are going to be seeing a lot of vests come fall.

Veronica Beard

Another great outerwear piece is this metallic leather duster, adding a touch of glam to the rustic chic of the wools and tweeds.

Veronica Beard

And gold glistens in all out glamour here in this velvet lamé gown with a little bit of a 40s feel.

Veronica Beard

For the pioneer cat woman, a stretch leather bustier jumpsuit gives the washed silk chiffon tie neck blouse the allure of an illusion decolletage.

Veronica BeardI have to point out the beautiful styling by Annabel Tollman. All the vintage accessories including the stunning stole above really set the tone. And the casually chic fishtail braids by Original & Mineral were the perfect look for our modern pioneers.

Veronica BeardThe show was a mobbed who’s who of the NYC social circuit and fashion notables, from Vogue’s Hamish Bowles, to make up exec Olivia Chantecaille, and the perennially chic Kirna Zebete girls. Friend, designer Darren Henault looked dapper as always with Veronica Swanson Beard (and Neiman’s Ken Dowling behind), above. And friend Angela Guitard, below with Veronica Miele Beard, whose store in Rye, NY is a go-to for a carefully curated selection of clothing and accessories.

Veronica Beard

This was a terrific showing for the young Veronica Beards. There are mix and match pieces here for everyone at appealing entry designer price points. With their modern twist on American sportswear, the duo is blazing their own trail and I look forward to seeing how they continue to evolve and mature.

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9 Responses to New York Fashion Week Fall 2013 | Veronica Beard

  1. pve says:

    Love the “renegade” style. Thanks for pioneering your way there and sharing so much inspiration. Lovely mix.
    Great pair!

  2. Franki Parde says:

    Just gorgeous…and wearable…I’m feeling a new Lalph Rauren! franki

  3. Love those silks!

  4. Nice piece Stacey. I’m very excited by the mix of pattern and texture, and I LOVE a horsetail braid!

  5. Absolutely beautiful. Their jackets are timeless and that gold dress…
    Thanks for introducing me to this fabulous line Stacey. Have a great weekend!

  6. Lisa McMahon says:

    Okay…I need an event stat for that velvet lamé gown! 40s FAB! Cool coverage Stacey!

  7. Great coverage of an interesting design duo and love that they are sisters-in-law!! I think the leather bustier jumpsuit is quite fabulous! Vests… indeed for fall!

  8. pretty pink tulips says:

    This is so cool, on so many levels!!! Yes, the story of the two Vs is amazing! And, how impressive that they have created this line with such a statement viewpoint.

    I adore Angela and Angela’s!! That is where I first me the girls and got my black tuxedo style Veronica Beard suit with a gorgeous snap in dickey of sorts. Their pants make you look at least a size smaller. I can’t wait for a reason to break it back out (I’ve spent most of the winter in leggings).

    And, I love the backdrop for the collection. It makes me think a modern day Amelia Earhart would have loved these girls, their pioneering spirit and their “ready for adventure” looks!
    Stay warm and toasty!

    xoxo Elizabeth

  9. Dying over this show. I love living vicariously through you!

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