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Now that we are in the season of over-air-conditioned indoor spaces, I am always looking for a lovely something to throw over my shoulders. A week or two ago I was in one of my favorite local fashion emporiums, Richard’s in Greenwich, when they were holding a trunk show of cashmere shawls.

At first I was going to pass them by, but as I approached, I realized they were something special. These were not your average pashminas but lovely luxurious pieces embellished with lace, embroidery, tasteful crystals and other stylish additions.

After enquiring, I discovered the show represented the introduction of the luxe Indian line Janavi. Inspired by the age old traditional skills of her native country, Jyotika Jhalani founded Janavi in 1998 as a way of combining these techniques with modern design sensibilities to produce a contemporary global luxury brand.

Each piece is made individually to create timeless classics with a distinctive edge. The emphasis on quality is married with innovative designs and techniques extending from modern printing to traditional embroidery.

These are the kind of pieces that transform an outfit from fine to fabulous. Wear a simple dress and throw one on and you need little else. Imagine the perfect LBD in the fall with the leopard and black lace number (at least that was what I was thinking when I bought it) or a simple summer shift enhanced by the charming selection above. These confections are light as a feather, perfect for travel and so soft that you won’t want to take them off. And they function as versatile wardrobe essentials that can be worn as scarves at the neck with your outerwear and then as a shawl indoors for an extra layer.

Janavi is working on some very exciting programs for the fall. In the meantime, anyone interested in the line can contact representative Patricia Dhar directly. These statement makers are the type of indispensable accessory that can stay in your closet forever! The question is whether you can limit yourself to just one!!

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  1. Seems I am either too hot or freezing in the summer time and find myself carrying a sweater or shawl, so I completely understand the draw to these beauties. The fashions and textiles that are coming out of India are so
    amazing these days. Perhaps that should be my next port of call…lovely!

  2. These are so lovely!!! I love the embroidered flowers on such an interesting soft color. I would love to see the entire assortment. Thanks for bringing these lovelies to our attention! Just beautiful!! ox

  3. Wow those are quite exquisite! I love pashminas and throws and have them in probably 6 or 7 colors but I must say these are worth checking in because of their having a “little something extra” as you said. Beautiful!

  4. these are truly divine..
    and so perfect for these air conditioned offices and restaurants…
    when it’s a little too cool for oneself….
    beautiful colors and materials…

  5. Beautiful. That turquoise and orange one is screaming summer. We have the air conditioner problem here. Everywhere you go (especially the movies) they have the air blasting. It is so punishingly hot outside that when you first walk in you are grateful for the cold blast but within 10 minutes you are freezing.

  6. so pretty… this might be a silly question, but are these from india? indonesia? didn’t see it in the post… or are they made elsewhere? great find!

  7. Gorgeous and perfect for a chilly office (mine is always freezing) or at an al fresco dinner after the sun goes down. I’m so glad you bought the leopard one – terrific choice and it will be perfect with a little black dress just as you described!

  8. These are simply beautiful, the colors are so lush and vibrant. I can only imagine how they feel in the hand, let alone on one’s shoulders. So, so pretty.

    Sending you a smile,

  9. Oh you will love the shawls I’m wittering on about tomorrow.
    Q: I just traded in my 10 year old computer – hand cranked by a monkey in a sweater – now I can get onto your site!

  10. You know the best thing about shawls don’t you? They are one size fits all!! They are beyond beautiful, and I collect them and wear them all the time.
    I’m sorry I didn’t call you when I went to Stamford. Forgive me, I’ll never do it again. I’m piqued by your mysterious projects mentioned in the earlier post. Don’t drag it out too long.

  11. These are gorgeous!! Looks like I need to stop by Richard’s soon!

    You can wear these 4 seasons….whether it’s chilly outside or the AC is on too high. I have a little collection but would always like to add to it!!

  12. These are really beautiful. I especially liked the ones in the last photo. And the idea of pairing them with a great shift dress or LBD is such a great idea. You have the best stores in your neck of the woods! Next time I visit my sister in Greenwich she will have to take me shopping!

  13. They are indeed beautiful and i love that they’re also classic too. Adorned in one of these, one would surely make a statement. Lovely find(as usual:-)). XX

    • Yes – I need more like 30 hours!! They are having a private trunk show in Greenwich this week. If you’re interested let me know.

  14. i would like to buy a bulk of lace pashminas from u , please let me know what is the wholesaler price and the retailer prices too ..
    as i have a small shop in bahrain and would like to buy from u’
    i am intrested in the animal prints ones with black lace .

    thank u
    la belle day spa

  15. did not get an answer from u
    i need to know the whole sale prices please of the lace pashmina
    thank u

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