12 thoughts on “High Point Preview

  1. Please send as much as you can from HP Market. Lived there for 38 years and use to work for Chelsea House. Love to see new products!!!!!!!

  2. I hope you will write about the patterned sofas and chairs you’re showing–they look terrific!

  3. Did “I spy” you on a photo with Tobi…at any rate a “look a like.” High Point Adventures!! franki

  4. Love what appears to be embroidered patterns on the ottoman and slipper chairs…thanks for sharing with those of us who could not attend.

  5. We popped down for the day on Sunday to scout out a booth in Salon… What a huge show filled with gorgeous goodies! We know you’ll come back with some fabulous finds.
    C + C

  6. thanks for taking such great pics of some of our fabrics at HPMKT!! as you know, we always wait for your finds….no need for us to go when we have your curating :) xx

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