Fancy Some Fondue?

It’s been a slow reentry after the holidays here. I’d become accustomed to the kids’ schedule – late nights playing games (liar’s dice was the obsession this year) or watching movies and lazy mornings sleeping in. As I put my older daughter on the bus back to school yesterday, I reluctantly acknowledged that vacation is over. Perhaps it didn’t quite feel quite right ending the holidays with such balmy weather. It left me wondering what happened to winter?

photo: Robert Huber for the Wall Street Journal

I know all you warm weather lovers are reveling in our temperatures but I do like a bit of seasonal change (I reserve the right to complain later). And over the weekend an article in the Wall St. Journal about Swiss fondue had me longing for a little cold weather cuisine. While in all likelihood I unfortunately won’t be visiting any of the fabulous restaurants in Switzerland like Le Chalet above or Restaurant Au Vieux Carouge below,

 photo: Robert Huber for the Wall Street Journal

I might be able to have a cheesy kind of evening at Café Select in New York and even perhaps wrangle a coveted spot in the cozy back room.

Of course my first choice would be to enjoy my fondue at someplace like Les Fermes de Marie in Megève. Cocktails in the lounge

And then dinner in the restaurant

And I’m sure I’d be ready to turn in at night.

But since a trip to the Alps isn’t currently in the offing, a fondue dinner at home might just have to do. I found this well worn recipe in one of my vintage Swiss cook books. As you can see, fondue ingredients change from region to region and be sure to note the consequences for losing your bread in the mix!!

In addition to varying recipes, there are also many different fondue receptacles. I prefer a ceramic pot like this Emile Henry one.

although there are many different kinds on the market these days like these from Williams Sonoma:

Ruffoni copper pot

Le Creuset

or this very convenient electric one from Cuisinart.

My choice for wine would be a Swiss Fendant, like the one from Gilliard below, Aigle or if you can get your hands on it, a delicious Dézaley!!

And of course a touch of chalet chic is a requisite component.

Wishing you a delicious and stylish cheesy evening!

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39 Responses to Fancy Some Fondue?

  1. Fondue was popular when I was a teenager, and we fondued everything that wasn’t locked down. So happy to see that it is back full force.
    Have a nice week, Stacy.

  2. Hi Q! I agree, there’s nothing better in the depth of winter than warm, cheesy fondue goodness. And even though the first day of the new year was unseasonably warm and sunny here, we celebrated with friends, champagne and pots of fondue. A perfect evening – although I have to say I didn’t look half as chic as those last photos – I’ll have to work on my fondue tasting attire.

    Hope your 2012 is off to a lovely start!

  3. What a fun post! I love how you covered all of the bases including looking fabulous while indulging in such yummy, cozy cuisine. We’re also have an incredibly balmy winter in Munich and it feels weird…where is the snow? But I’ll take fondue in any weather…!

  4. pve says:

    I happen to adore fondue and a real Winter. We have two fondue pots. One being the pot of my husband’s child hood years and the other more of a futuristic and electric set which comes in handy and it so easy to keep hot which allows more time for fashion! Wink!

  5. Yep, still too hot for this type of yumminess here too which is a bummer. For awhile, we were friends with a Swiss dude who brought his cheese back for the best fondue in the world. Sigh.

  6. Love this…and it brings back great memories, because for some reason (and I am not even sure why) but we ate a lot of fondue growing up…lol. It must have been popular “way back when”. Yes we owned a fondue pot and all the accoutrements that go with it, and as kids had a ball dipping our own little concoctions into the mixes. It is a fun way to eat, and like you, I am suddenly craving the winter that we are used to not the nearly 55 degrees of the other day, though I understand today is going to be freeeezing! I say bring on the snow (at least one big snow fall) and then I am ready for some fondue…all the best to you in 2012.

  7. Jayne Rogers says:

    A little snow might put me in the mood for sure! We used to have a January fondu party – have all the pots and picks including a gorgeous pot my son brought back from a European trip. So much fun!

  8. The Zhush says:

    ugh, its freezing today!:( Fondue sounds amazing, even at this hour!

  9. I was spared from a multitude of complaining during the holidays. It was FINALLY cold, rainy, and windy in this city of Houston. We loved it and quickly lit the fire place and snuggled in pretending we were in the midst of a REAL winter. Miss the north so much…but working on not complaining down here. Do remember our fondu and “raclette” meals in Switzerland. They were fun but the Swiss sure can eat bowls of cheese in one sitting!

  10. why don’t you Fondue? I like it, something else to get for the kitchen and then find a place to put it when not in use. the Cuisinart looks practical-but not as appealing as the Emile Henry. happy New Year. pgt

  11. pretty pink tulips says:

    I love myself a little fondue – any cheese for that matter. But, I might have to meet you at Cafe Select, as my husband isn’t fond of it and my boys have swon off cheese (they have no idea what they’re missing!)

    I, too, like seasonal change and want to reserve the right to complain about it later! :) Was a bit nippy walking Molly this morning.

    xo E

  12. We think alike.. We usually have fondue for New Years Eve when we have guests, but we were not home this year. What a great evening! I can step right into your post with you!

  13. I am a seasonal person too and was thrilled to wake up to freezing temps this morning…while driving my daughter back to school! Fondue still reminds me of the 70’s and I’ve yet to venture into the newer/better offerings, but there is a local restaurant that specializes in it, and now you’ve convinced me with these amazing images I need to give it a try!
    Happy New Year!!!

  14. Leslie says:

    What a fun post! Fondue brings back memories of my childhood – I remember my Mom having Fondue parties all the time. So many options for dipping – love the cheeses and chocolate!

  15. I do fancy some fondue!! There is something about a fondue party that just cries 70’s to me. While living in TX, I started collecting retro fondue pots and forks in hopes of hosting a party, but never pulled it off. Something about the wine, the playful eating, and the conversation while dipping and dunking that just screams good-times. Thanks Stacey for inspiring me to revive my initial goal to have some fondue fun again. The perfect way to ward off those post-holiday blues. I hate the end of the Christmas season.
    p.s. thanks for the great recipe too!

  16. Oh, I want that fondue! I love all your images, the restaurants looks so cozy and I can just imagine being in a snowy environment and coming in from the cold to one of these inviting places. Thanks for taking us on an imaginary trip and giving me an idea for a soothing winter meal. Though it’s warm weather and will be in the seventies in Los Angeles today and I will really need to use my imagination!

  17. I remember when my parents would have fondue parties but haven’t heard of anyone doing it lately unless with chocolate. It actually sounds like fun over wine so I’m going to try it.

    I want a button saying I survived the holidays….lol. Enjoy!

  18. designchic says:

    There is nothing more fun than enjoying fondue with friends. We have a restaurant close by that does fondue birthday parties, and it was always a favorite. Loving the glam, furry attire!!

  19. Totally yummy post and perfect for this not so balmy day! Fondue is always best after a day of skiing, maybe St. Moritz! Happy New Year, barbara

  20. I love your cheesy fondue AND the champagne! It will be a perfect pairing for my nuts!
    So happy to have you visit my virtual New Year’s design party.
    I look forward to more sharing in 2012. I am a new follower and adding you to my blogroll!
    Marilyn Storey, MS Design Maven

  21. mary jo says:

    Yummy! Love fondue and these chalet fashions are so gorgeous, but I would have to travel to wear them! Hope you are off to a wonderful first week of the new year!

    xo Mary Jo

  22. We are on the exact same page, I am having a hard time adjusting to the rigors of the back to school schedule. So, I had to take a little fantasy trip abroad as well, shopping for chic, rustic chalet furnishings. Care to join me??

  23. Ok – a fondue paired with a fur wrap would certainly warm my bones on this 20 degree day! Starting to feel cozy already…

  24. I love it… haven’t had it in a while but it’s the best thing on cold days!

  25. Love this idea & never do it. Lucy would love it! Have a great day, thanks for sharing.

  26. Cheese, bread, wine?? YES, please!!!

    Happy New Year!

  27. pam robinson says:

    what a delightful post to read this morning… i so feel the drag of january after being on a glorious holiday… but doing my best to pull myself together!
    your post made me so happy and i could (but would never) eat fondue at least once a month (ok, once a week)

    one of our favorite things to do when we visit vail is to go at the swiss chalet in the sonnenalp … the hotel is so fun to stay… such an escape…

    we used to go to la fondue in nyc until it burned years ago… now the bar in artisnal always cheers us after a full day of shopping!

    wishing you a wonderful new year… and thank you for your amazing inspiration always and your kind comments… xx

  28. hamptontoes says:

    I LOVE serving fondue at parties! I enjoyed seeing people mingling and nibbling while dipping the yummy food into the fondue. Cheese fondue is beyond amazing and homemade chocolate fondue is great too! I have four fondue pots! XOXO.

  29. Kelly Market says:

    It all sounds divine! And I’m totally on the same page…dragging myself to open the computer this week. If only the holidays were a few days longer….

    Hope you had a wonderful break with your family and a happy new year Q!


  30. Renae says:

    We love fondue! Our family tradition is beef fondue on Christmas Eve and I always place an English Popper at each place so when popped, we find our (paper) crowns and dine as royalty!

    My favorite cheese fondue was in Switzerland many years ago!

  31. So fun! I actually have my mom’s, fully functional fondue pot from the ’70’s. Time to break it out! Love the travel shots. I’m ready to pack my bags.

  32. LiveLikeYou says:

    You really got me in the mood!! I was just about to complain about the cold weather. Need to check that place out in NYC. Happy New Year!

  33. stitchfork says:

    Oh, cheese fondue would taste so good right now. And so agree with you on winter – it was in the 50’s today! Want to see some snow falling!
    xo Cathy

  34. Wow! I love everything you posted. I enjoyed going through. Happy New Year!

  35. We love founde to, perfect for the kids they love to dip yummis into it.

  36. Emilie says:

    Thanks for sharing your Megeve treasure: Les Fermes de Marie. I is not that easy to find a chalet that has been decorated in a simple chic style. I think the Fermes de Marie interiors do look elegant and very French!

  37. Love that red fondue pot, so gorgeous… and please can I come on the chalet trip too?


  38. Love fondue…and with that nice wine. Yum . Don’t tempt me right now. XO, Mona

  39. Adam Japko says:

    Great choice on the Fendant. I was wondering if you would end up there….how perfect and informed!!

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