Fall Market at the D&D

What a packed day at the D&D building yesterday! From 9 am to 1o at night, it was a day full of design inspiration. Kicking off the morning was an entertaining and informative keynote from ELLE DECOR Editor in Chief, Michael Boodro, who addressed the topic of Luxury Now – What Really Counts. As it turns out, quite a lot! The magazine interviewed over 400 members of its Designer Registry and the results validated many of the thoughts we have discussed here – that quality is by far the most important feature determining true luxury, that it’s not about size – bigger isn’t always better and, as designer Ann McDonald of Couture Chateau in Orinda, CA said, “Luxury is more a state of mind than a state of pocketbook.” The good news is that things are looking up and most feel 2013 will be an even better year for business, for while conspicuous has gone away, consumption never really has.

Fall Market at the Decoration & Design Building in NYCHere are a few sneak peeks of what we saw. I’ll be bringing you more as soon as possible, but if there was a single theme throughout, it was that style, whether we’re talking luxury or color is all about personal preferences and perceptions and of course the mix!

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10 Responses to Fall Market at the D&D

  1. mary says:

    Cheers to quality and 2013.

  2. Can’t wait to hear more! Sounds like it was a lot of good information and inspiring.

  3. Beautiful, Stacey. Looking forward to seeing more.
    Happy Thursday.

  4. Libby says:

    Love that luxury is not about size… oh how true. Now, if we can just combine quality with U.S. made, we’ll be in a great place!

  5. Thanks for the gorgeous glimpses, Stacey. Can’t wait to see more. I love that personal style and an interesting mix are at the forefront of style. That’s my way to decorate! XO

  6. Look forward to seeing more!! Thanks for the glimpse!


  7. Franki Parde says:

    Happy 10-11-12! Always looking forward to more. franki

  8. Thank you so much for the shout out!! So looking forward :). xo Ann

  9. Ann says:

    Can’t wait to see more…
    every space looks so elegant.

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