Dangling Downeast

Downeast at Migis Lodge

While I may be happily ensconced downeast in one of my favorite summer enclaves, I forgot to pack my laptop charger. So as my battery dwindles dangerously close to zero, I leave you with my beautiful view lakeside at Migis Lodge in Maine where the luxury of old school hospitality, crystal blue Lake Sebago against the vibrant green Maine pines and a healthy dose of fresh air, lobster and sinful hot fudge sundaes will keep me going until I am back in business. Wishing you all a wonderful weekend. You can follow along on Instagram for a peek at more of Migis’ magic moments.

Downeast at Migis Lodge

4 thoughts on “Dangling Downeast

  1. This might be a blessing in disguise! I have seen that many times in my long life!

    I love your blog..it is one of my favorites! I wish you great luck without your charger!

    have a fabulous time in Maine!!

    Maine is a subculture all it’s own! I went there; and I need to write a blogpost about my experience…in Cape Elizabeth..Maine! the Black Point Inn!!!

    Anyone know it?

  2. I will be at Migis 3 weeks from tomorrow – I can’t wait! But as a mother of boys only I have no excuse to visit camp.
    Did you stay at Migis back in the day before cel phones? That was a true hardship, having to use the phone booth!
    Come see me in Norwalk when you return, I am sure we have many happy Sebago stories to swap!
    Andrea Cross, Axel Interiors

  3. I spent a lot of time lakeside in the Adirondacks with my paternal grandparents when I was younger and this looks like my idea of heaven. I wish I weren’t so addicted to being ‘connected’; I’d love to try a vacation without it.

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