Carolyne Roehm for Baccarat Holiday

Carolyne Roehm for Baccarat holiday

In our video with Carolyne Roehm at her beautiful Connecticut home, you may remember one moment showing a spectacular crystal chandelier hanging in the greenhouse, below. From a shoot at Weatherstone, the image is from a catalogue that Carolyne styled for Baccarat holiday.

Carolyne Roehm for Baccarat holiday

Throughout the book are exquisite vignettes that show both Weatherstone and Baccarat at their glimmering finest. As we all prepare to think about the holidays, both in terms of tabletop, gifting and decor, these pages offer an elegant vision of “La Vie en Baccarat” chez Weatherstone.

Baccarat Holiday at Weatherstone by Carolyne Roehm

Baccarat Holiday by Carolyne Roehm

Baccarat’s signature red looks regal and festive for a holiday table. Above, the shade on the Harcourt candlestick by Philippe Starck and small Véga glass as well as champagne flutes with large Eye vase, below, echo the beautiful roses.

Carolyne Roehm Baccarat Holiday

I am loving plum and violet colors this year for my Thanksgiving table, which look glorious executed by Carolyne here. I wish I had known about the charming small Eye votives and Mosaique tumblers in amethyst.

Violet for Baccarat holiday by Carolyne Roehm

My favorite Harmonie bar glasses are always a classic choice.

Harmonie glasses for Baccarat holiday

From the formal to more casual moments, it is a celebration of home at the holidays

Baccarat holiday by Carolyne Roehm at Weatherstonewhere a touch of red is also symbolic of heartfelt time spent with family and friends.

Carolyne Roehm


All photos Sylvie Becquet

10 thoughts on “Carolyne Roehm for Baccarat Holiday

  1. Baccarat Crystal, always timeless and classic, I love the reds; the amethyst is gorgeous though!

    The Arts by Karena
    The India Hicks Collection

  2. Using Baccarat in the conservatory is brilliant. I love every photograph. Carolyne lives so graciously. It’s making me want to rethink how I go about my daily life.

    Thank you for the inspiration! Happy Thanksgiving!
    Sharon McCormick

  3. What an inspiration. The adage “A thing of beauty is a joy forever ” absolutely applies here.
    Pure visual feast. The first buds of spring,a single feather on a dew soaked lawn, full blown roses.
    I could go on forever. I am always astonished at how so many people see so little. There is beauty and joy around every corner.Fresh linen on a sunny day, a pot of wonderful orange jelly waiting for crepes and lemon curd waiting for a delicious warm cake to be shared with friends.
    Sharing is everything. I am so , so fortunate to have a friend of 55 years and though we live hundreds of miles apart, we travel together and share everything. This is a truly unique friendship, searching out beautiful china, glassware, and truly appreciating the joy of gardens , architecture, food and travel. I am blessed.

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    always coming out with some great stuff. I will shares this on my facebook, instagram and some
    of my loyalty followers. Great jobs! Keep work it with it.

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