Best Monogram in Washington Depot, CT

While we’ll return to Nantucket next week, today we amble back to Connecticut for a peek at Best Monogram in the tiny town of Washington Depot in Litchfield Country. For such a wee blip on the map, there are a surprising number of stores worthy of a visit. One of my favorites is Best Monogram, where behind an unassuming storefront, owner Amy Torosyan’s personalization skills transform something simply nice into a bespoke original.

Best Monogram in Washington Depot, CTTrained in hand tailoring in her native Armenia, Torosyan now uses a state of the art embroidery machine that can be programmed to follow her intricate and creative designs. The store offers a wide variety of linens and gift items, almost all of which can be personalized. From old fashioned linen handkerchiefs

Handkerchiefs at Best Monogram

to a large selection of totes

Totes at Best Monogram

to linens from many of the top names in the industry

LInens at Best Monogram

you can choose from the simplest (although nothing is ever that simple – note the saddle stitching detail)

embroidered cocktail napkin at Best Monogram

to more detailed with subtle two tone coloring (and see the middle initial with what looks like French knots)

Embroidery from Best Monogramto the most elaborate example.

Embroidery from Best Monogram

There are embroidery samples to use as a guide or inspiration sprinkled throughout the store. Ideas for a lovely baby gift are pretty in pink

Embroidery from Best Monogram

even for the most regal of infants or young ladies.

Embroidery from Best MonogramAnd a plethora of styles and colors start the cogwheels turning for thoughtful hostess or holiday gifts.

Embroidery from Best Monogram

Embroidery from Best Monogram

From classic monograms

Embroidered monograms from Best Monogram

to traditional with a twist

Embroidered monograms from Best Monogram

to abstract elegance, Torosyan can execute just about anything desired.

Embroidered monogram at Best MonogramOne client had Torosyan embroider their family crest

Embroidered monogram at Best Monogram

while several customers have asked her to emulate fabric or wallpaper in a bathroom for personalized linens to match.

Embroidered monogram at Best Monogram

Embroidery at Best Monogram

And for those whose own initials are even more than enough, Torosyan can embroider customized designs

Embroidery at Best Monogram specific to a house or season.

Embroidery at Best Monogram

While Torosyan works with quite a few well known clients, I can assure you she is just as attentive to smaller jobs like mine. Last year she embroidered a set of navy SFERRA linen placemats and napkins for my niece’s bridal shower based on something I had seen in the shop. Needless to say they were a hit.

Embroidery at Best Monogram

And on the same visit, I had seen this bag, which I knew would be a fun addition to my summer wardrobe.

monogrammed bag from Best MonogramAfter some emails back and forth, Amy and I worked out a monogram we both liked and the result is a casually chic seasonable bag that is great for carting around all my needs whether to the beach or a video visit.

monogrammed bag from Best Monogram

In fact, I’ve been thinking of the many other applications for which I could use Amy’s clever handiwork. Stay tuned!

5 thoughts on “Best Monogram in Washington Depot, CT

  1. Love that bag, Stacey. I’m crazy for monograms and these are truly wonderful. Such gorgeous work and attention to detail. Would love to have her work her magic on a few pieces for me.

    Happy Weekend! XO

  2. Stacey I adore your own bag, the navy with white piping and red monogram is perfect. She does an amazing job and has such an excellent selection of wares to choose from and personalize! YOur nieces Sferra placemats are classics!

    The Arts by Karena

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