Behind the Scenes Video at the New York Botanical Garden Orchid Dinner

Sometimes it indeed takes a village and this is often the case when the talented designers are creating tables for the annual New York Botanical Garden Orchid Dinner sponsored by Veranda Magazine. We were delighted to tag along with Philip Gorrivan for the day as his vision for his Key West Contemporary table came together. Follow Susanna Salk as she learns how he creates the fantasy along with some tips for fashioning fantastic tabletops at home.

From initial concept to final fruition, Philip’s table was a true creative collaboration. The dramatic centerpiece by Olivier Giugni and Ryan Reid Zoeller of l’Olivier Floral Atelier and the art-inspired tablecloth by decorative painter Sylvie Michel Bilger of Metamorfaux were integral elements in the overall design.

Philip Gorrivan New York Botanical Garden Orchid Dinner tableStop back next time to see more of the tables from New Botanical Garden Orchid Dinner. I assembled a quick sneak peek collage to whet your appetite!

New York Botanical Garden Orchid Dinner Collage

9 thoughts on “Behind the Scenes Video at the New York Botanical Garden Orchid Dinner

  1. JUST LOVED THIS! Stacey and Susanna…you make my day when I watch your videos. I had to laugh…here in Saigon, I have most of what is in that beautiful centrepiece growing in my yard. Orchids cost next to nothing here…I can see that I really need to start thinking creatively. Thank you for this little dose of inspiration.

  2. I “GASPED” so loud my husband had to come in and check on me!!! This truly is my most fun time…what can I say, wonderful!! franki

  3. Wonderful video and blog about marvelously creative use of orchids. The flowers themselves are exquisite and it is difficult to imagine how they could be enhanced, but the designers and artists found a way! Stunning!

  4. I always love your video presentations Stacey. Susanna is a natural, and wow that centerpiece is stunning!
    The Arts by Karena

  5. Hi Stacey,
    Your blog gets better and better..I ADORE it! get so many wonderful ideas!

    Strange request..can you tell me the name/ composer of of the piece of music that accompanies your orchid dinner video?…NOT a problem if you do not know or do not have time to respond.


  6. Key West Contemporary?! As beautiful as is this is, you’ve got to come down to visit us and experience the real deal (I’m allowed to say that because I’m a Queens transplant). ;)

    Seriously, Stacey, if you’re ever in our neck of the woods, drop by and we’ll give you the grand tour. South Florida has a whole lot of design delights that go beyond beachfront and Art Deco (not that those aren’t fantastic.) And try to bring Philip with you — we love meeting true talent!

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