Back from a Quick Spring Break

Followers on Instagram know that this past week our family took a quick spring break together to escape the polar vortex. So sorry if I forgot to give other readers a heads up to explain my absence in these parts. For those of you live in areas affected by our unrelenting winter weather, who haven’t had the opportunity to head to warmer climates, please enjoy a vicarious visit to the sunny south through some shots of our few days in Florida.

pool during spring break

Our idyllic view for most of our stay was across the pool to the river, where boat watching became a major activity,

boat on the river during spring breakand cocktail hour witnessed glorious sunsets.

Florida sunset during spring breakFlorida sunset during spring breakNever much reason to move unless we ventured to the beach club below

spring break beach club

or took a mid-day outing to Crab-E-Bills where Bill presides over a delicious dockside restaurant and fabulously fresh seafood market, where we picked up dinner.

spring break at Crab-E-Bills

Of course we made our annual pilgrimage to the local miniature golf course (thanks to my older daughter for her shot entitled Bewkii go mini golfing) for two rounds of 18 holes with a record number of holes-in-one.

mini golf at spring break

While it’s always nice to come home, especially to a lawn that actually has some grass exposed, I’ll miss the warm weather, lush landscape,

spring break in Florida leisurely pace and family camaraderie!

6 thoughts on “Back from a Quick Spring Break

  1. Oh, Florida, how I miss thee!! Your weather sounded as perfect as ours was…warm being the part I really miss since we’re predicted to get another TEN inches of sNOw!! franki

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