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As many of my twitter friends know, I am at my daughter’s school for Parents’ Weekend today. So in honor of the legacy of this educational tradition, I am selecting an all time favorite. 

Based on James Hilton’s famous novel, Goodbye Mr. Chips was made in the legendary film year of 1939. Although nominated for Oscars in seven categories, the movie garnered only one –  Robert Donat for best actor, upsetting Clark Gable in Gone with the Wind for the win.

Through flashback, the film chronicles the decades long career of Mr. Chipping, a Latin schoolmaster at the Brookfield School for boys. You will see why Donat’s marvelous understated performance as the loyal, dedicated, steadfast Mr. Chips won him the Oscar. Greer Garson, in her film debut, is enchanting as Chip’s wife Katherine. As Mr. Chips guides generations of boys throughout the years, it is Katherine who was actually responsible for his inspiring transformation from bumbling young teacher to seasoned master.

It was difficult to pick a clip as many were spoilers showing the ending. I chose this charming piece as it features the lovely Greer Garson and the always wonderful Paul Henreid as Chip’s colleague and friend.

This timeless, sentimental classic celebrates those civic virtues that are all too often forgotten today. And don’t forget the tissues – this heartwarming story will have you reaching for them I’m sure.


17 thoughts on “At the Movies

  1. So this is who beat out Mr. Gable! Very few remember Mr. Donat after all these years. I am going to get a copy and watch this movie again. Loved it!

  2. I’m adding this to my list
    of movies inspired by YOU.
    Another classic that I’ve
    never seen…..I am feeling
    woefully unschooled at the
    moment, but with your guidance
    I might just turn out okay, yet!
    Happy Friday!
    xx Suzanne

  3. This looks like such a charming movie! Wish some of the old time etiquette would return.

    Isn’t it funny he beat out Clark Gable…but I don’t recall ever hearing his name.

    Hope it’s a wonderful Parents’ Weekend!

  4. Looks like another good one! I think one of these weekends I’m going to have a Quintessence-inspired film fest to catch up on all the great recommendations!
    Have fun this weekend!

  5. Love this selection, it is *so* good! I had no idea this was Greer Garson’s debut, that’s a fun fact to know. (I’m probably one of the few who like both versions, this one and the Petula Clark/Peter O’Toole version.)

    Have a great weekend with your daughter,

  6. This sounds like the perfect pick for our weekend! I was pretty convinced I had seen every classic movie out there (I’m a bit obsessed, husband teases me that I only like movies if they’re black and white. Not true, but not that far off either!) but this one is new to me. I love your weekly movie picks!

  7. Oh, I remember those days at my daughter’s school. Have a wonderful time with her; just forget about everything else. And, I’ve never seen the movie…hope Netflix has it. xx’s

  8. I’ve always had a soft spot for this movie because I know my parents saw it on their honeymoon.

  9. one I haven’t seen but am interested in renting…love the interior of the home in the image you posted… the fireplace is gorgeous…

  10. I have been rereading Jane Eyre this weekend, and caught the new movie last night. Your school is a far cry from Lowood. When my brother was there, his merry pranksters put all the bicycles on campus on top of one of the buildings. Goodbye Mr. Chips always makes me cry. Greer Garson never made a bad movie in my opinion. Have fun!

  11. Hello there, sorry for being a stranger. I’m woefully behind on blog reading.

    I really enjoyed all your interiors posts.

    I loved this film when I saw it as a child. You’ve inspired me to get a copy and see it again. Greer Garson is brilliant and Robert Donat is underrated.

    Hope all’s well with you xx

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