At Home with Susanna Salk and Laura Slatkin

Susanna Salk and Laura Slatkin

Whether at home, at work as founder and CEO of NEST Fragrances or contributing to philanthropic causes of autism and mental health, Laura Slatkin is always drawing on her interconnected worlds for inspiration. Since launching her line of home fragrances in 2008, Laura has built NEST into an enormously successful luxury lifestyle brand. And at home, her close family, including talented interior designer brother-in-law Howard Slatkin and creative entrepreneur husband Harry, has helped shape her glamorous New York City townhouse into a chic haven for family living and extensive entertaining. Join us for a visit and delicious lunch with Laura as we take a peek at her stylish and inspiring domain.

Everything in Harry and Laura Slatkin’s home has a story to tell and is a testament to thoughtful choices. Years ago a tradition was started that gift giving had to be a planned and personal exercise. No mere walking into emporiums even like Bergdorf’s or Hermès to buy a present. Decades of exchanging with Howard and each other has resulted in a collection of beautiful pieces for the home and entertaining that have special significance, such as these exquisite porcelain lily of the valley stems by Vladimir Kanevsky that Laura bought Harry for the holidays. Set in a collection of antique blue and white bud vases, they provide a beautiful floral arrangement at any time of year.

blue and white in Laura Slatkin dining room

The fabulous epergne was an anniversary gift from Howard. Laura and Harry fill the dishes with delicious chocolates (a bit TOO delicious I might add) to tempt their guests with at dinner.

Vladimir Kanevsky lily of the valley in Laura Slatkin dining roomAnd while the service at their house may be formal, run with Upstairs Downstairs precision, Laura is a relaxed and charming hostess. There is a palpable warmth and strength felt with fervent family ties, echoed in the visual strength of each room, united by a deft mix of antique furniture and modern art. Below, a contemporary Hervé Van der Straeten light fixture is reflected in an 18th century Venetian mirror.

Laura Slatkin living roomIn the entry an antique chest, Giacometti scones and Eve Kaplan gilded mirror seem made for each other, enhanced by scent of course.

entry in Laura Slatkin home

Laura Slatkin’s worlds are effortlessly intertwined and creative inspiration arises everywhere. When a dinner guest once inquired about the fragrance in their dining room, Laura realized it was emanating from the Persian Indian feast she was serving. It was an aha moment. The next day she brought the spices used for the meal to her master perfumer and Moroccan Amber was born.

Laura Slatkin living room tableAnd just as her house and art of entertaining embody a masterful attention to beauty and detail

Laura Slatkin monogrammed mini notesso does her business and dedication to philanthropy. You can be sure that whatever Laura does is approached with a meticulous professionalism and thoughtful eye to making life more beautiful and better for all. Thank you Laura for inviting us into your gracious home and world! We’re feeling inspired!

Susanna Salk and Laura Slatkin

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36 thoughts on “At Home with Susanna Salk and Laura Slatkin

  1. Oh this was wonderful!! Once I found out that you were going to feature her home I could not wait to see it! I knew that it would be beautiful and that Laura would be just chic. Thank you!

  2. I’ve loved every one of the house visits and interviews that you have done; but how I miss the happy music that began and ended all of them. This post was the first one that I’ve seen where it has changed. There is nothing worse than trying to fix a classic, when you know nothing is wrong with it ;-]

    • Thank you for being a loyal follower Fred! When we first started, we chose a favorite soundtrack, not realizing the attending issues. But now that we have continued to grow, we needed to find music to which we owned the rights. We’re so glad that you’ve enjoyed the series so far and hopefully you’ll grow to like our new music and fun opening. Thank you again for your viewership.

  3. Hi Fred:
    As I’m sure Stacey will explain better, there actually was something wrong with us using that wonderful music in all our past videos: because we didn’t own the rights to it. The current music, we do. I’m so glad you’ve enjoyed our series’ content and hope you will stay tuned!

    • Good to know, that music always made me feel good before I watched a single frame… we will be forgiving…

      Elizabeth Gilbert and Mrs Delaney are such a combination. I am astounded how often The Signature of All Things weaves through things. ( technically it is fiction but the research shines through unabashed.)

  4. I have said it before, but it is worth repeating, “I can not get enough of your videos.!” Loved being invited into the home of Harry and Laura Slatkin; absolutely love Russian furniture and jewelry. It would be wonderful if they produced a book on entertaining/hosting/lifestyle. Having a Nest fragrance addiction, I will now place them in numbers as she did. Fabulous job ladies! All the best, Rié

  5. Congratulations ! The watercolor introduction is timeless yet personal and fresh, so charmed with the two of you walking to your respective places. Susanna’s green banded skirt compliments the narrow green leaves in all the shots. Laura’s melodious voice matches her polished style and warm smile. The wall behind the painting is genius. The echo to the painting’s brush stoke is visible even in the video viewed on my phone screen. The pasta soufflé reminded me of the macaroni pie served in The Leopard, a most memorable dish. One perfection after another ! Thank You

  6. Your writing and video coverage of Laura Slatkin is as thoughtful and aesthetically pleasing as her home and designs. I adore the new music and animated preface. Gorgeous!

  7. I have been looking forward to this video and I certainly wasn’t disappointed! Thank you both for this series, each one is always uniquely inspiring. Bonne continuation et un grand merci!

    Oh! And yes, add my voice to the list of those who think that your new opening sequence is just perfect… ;)

  8. Wonderful ladies! I love the illustrations at the beginning of your video and time with Laura. The Slatkin’s are such an amazing couple, with their philanthropy and entertaining! Nest fragrances have become a favorite. Howard first introduced me to Kanevsky’s artful flowers in his astonishingbook!!

    The Arts by Karena
    A New Gallery in Town!

  9. I thoroughly enjoyed viewing and reading your lovely post. I am a huge NEST fan so it did not surprise me that Laura Slatkin was such a lovely and caring women.

  10. Every time I receive an email notice of a new “Quintessence” post, my heart skips a beat hoping that it is a new “At Home” edition. This new “At Home” is intimate, beautiful and leaves me waiting for the next installment. THANK YOU. Mary

  11. Just wonderful! Thank you for this much needed escapism today – can hardly wait for the next ‘At Home’ installment. And I love the new animated/illustrated introduction.
    All best,

  12. Once again, a fabulous segment!!! Please do, give us the name and manufacturer of the beautiful white paint that she used in her house! Thank you so much for such a wonderful Monday morning treat!

  13. Thank you for such a fantastic video that lovingly captures my beautiful sister-in-law who I love so much, and for also capturing the warmth and happiness Laura and Harry bring to their home.

  14. Wonderful video. They have such beautiful taste! Is there a possibility that you could share with us the name of the white paint? It looked perfect.
    Thank You!

  15. What a gracious host Laura is, their home is perfection. Formal yet cozy. Candles definitely warm any mood. I went to prep school with Harry, he had always had style, even in 8 th grade he could rock the school blazer. I’m so glad to see the charaties they are involved in as well. Beautiful tour of a beautiful lifestyle

    • Oh yes, please do share. The paint color in particular was so important to the piece, it really would be a tease not to share.
      And recipes? The dessert soufflé looked equally delicious!

  16. This video was a joy to watch! Could you possibly post the luscious looking pineapple pistachio souffle recipe?

  17. May I have the recipes for the pineapple pistachio souffle and the pasta truffle souffle? Love viewing everything about Laura, she is so pretty and wonderful taste.

  18. I love the opening theme music to your videos. Can you share who composed it or the title of the music. I would love to purchase a copy of it for listening.

  19. This was a lovely presentation of absolute graciousness. Well done. Of course, I’m with Bonnie Morrow, the recipes to the pasta truffle soufflé and dessert soufflé is more than appreciated.

  20. Every time I watch this video I’m amazed by all the beautiful details. One in particular is the place mats. I’ve searched in vain to find them. I found placemats that have some of the details but none that come close to the ones pictured in this video any suggestions on where I can find them?
    PS I am so thankful for all the videos that you have posted over the years. They are wonderful! Thank you

  21. I just watched that video, and I’m trying to find Mrs. Delaney book with the Amazon lilly she pictured/mentioned. Could you pls inform the name of that book? I subscribed yr vlog few months ago, but only today I reached this video, absolutely by chance. And it was delightful! 🙏🌹

    • Thank you for subscribing and glad you enjoyed the video. The book is Mrs. Delany and Her Circle (Yale Center for British Art) from a marvelous exhibit at the museum.

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