At Home with Susanna Salk and Christopher Spitzmiller

During the week, gifted ceramicist and lamp designer Christopher Spitzmiller is in his New York City studio, busy creating the exquisite lamps, plates and accessories prized by those who appreciate the finest handmade products in the world of design. But on the weekends, he can’t wait to escape to the heart of the Hudson Valley where his bucolic retreat, Clove Brook Farm awaits. There, in a beautifully renovated 19th century farmhouse, he gardens, tends to his growing animal brood and entertains local friends lucky enough to receive an invitation.Please join Susanna and me as we take you behind the scenes for a video visit with Chris at the enchanting Clove Brook Farm.

Nine years ago, Chris fell in love with a dilapidated Greek Revival house in rural Dutchess County that was desperately in need of tender loving care. With the original kitchen wing from the 1700’s and the main house from the 1830’s, it needed a thorough renovation.


After construction, Chris immediately decided on a cheery butter yellow for the living room, inspired by Nancy Lancaster’s famous room, a maritime blue for the library, below,

Christopher-Spitzmiller-Susanna-Salkand a chinoiserie wallpaper he inherited for the dining room. With help from friend Harry Heissmann, the rest of the house was designed with an eclectic mix of old and new, personal collections and a special nod toward mentor Albert Hadley, incorporating many of his wallpapers and designs.

Christopher-Spitzmiller-Clove-Brook-Farm-kitchenWhile the house has the charm of the country, it also embodies the sophistication of a trained and educated eye. Rustic mixes with simple modern pieces, art and books, all clearly expressing Chris’ love of color, nature and great design.

Christopher Spitzmiller Clove Brook Farm bedroomChristopher Spitzmiller Clove Brook Farm bedroom

With the help of friend, Arkansas based garden designer P. Allen Smith, the property was developed with an eye toward beauty and productivity. Chris is an insatiable gardener, spending much of his time at Clove Brook Farm in the dirt. Follow him on Instagram and you will see all his country musings from his seven foot tall dahlia, to eggs from his heritage chickens or the new dovecote which will house a family of pigeons.

Christopher Spitzmiller Clove Brook Farm gardenNot only were we thrilled to be invited for a unique and personal visit at Clove Brook Farm, but honored to have Christopher Spitzmiller Inc as a sponsor, showcasing his talent as an artisan and businessman. First discovering his passion for ceramics in boarding school, Chris’ devotion to his craft has never wavered.

Christopher Spitzmiller Clove Brook Farm detailSince 1996, his handmade ceramic lamps have become the gold standard for the best in the business. With elegant classic shapes, high gloss saturated glazes and impeccable details, they are found in the most distinguished residences, from the Oval Office to across the country in the most beautiful private homes. He has since branched out to table ware and ceramic accessories that have become as equally coveted as his lamps. We are delighted to help Chris celebrate 20 years of creativity and bringing beauty home.

Christopher Spitzmiller plates

all photos by Stacey Bewkes for Quintessence

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17 Responses to At Home with Susanna Salk and Christopher Spitzmiller

  1. Kate Crowley says:

    I just love this. Really fabulous. Will watch it again and again. What an enormous turkey, adorable.

  2. Beth Scanlon says:

    Will also watch again, it is so happy and pretty. What a luck house to be discovered by Christopher Spitzmiller ! Thank you for the visit !

  3. Pure delight. Thank you for introducing me to Chris–such a talent. Of course, I love his beautiful country retreat.

  4. Robert Franklin says:

    Just terrific. Thank you everyone!

  5. Dolores says:

    I am about to ‘plotz’ with house envy! :-) What a beautiful, happy home…

  6. Lyn from Hockley Valley says:

    Be still my heart. I was familiar with Chris’s beautiful lamps but WOW, his hand at interior design is fantastic! His fresh, charming and young take on country living is delightful. All the wallpapers are perfection. His sense of colour makes my heart beat a little faster. Thank you for a beautiful and inspiring start to my morning.

  7. James Fairclough says:

    What a pleasure to see Christopher’s home. The color is so refreshing and his gardens are a delight. I don’t know him personally but he always comes across as a kind and generous person.
    One of my favorite tours.

  8. Margie Preiss says:

    Dreaming of having my own Clove Brook Farm. Great video!!

  9. Kathe Dyson says:

    Christopher is an ace of a person as well as a really talented artist…I am so very happy to have many of his creations and have known him almost since he began his studio. Loud cheers the really good guy wins !

  10. Hello, great house !!!
    Is the Swan on the dining table a tureen ?
    Decorative Crafts imported on from Italy in the early 70’s … I really love it..,

  11. What a beautiful home and garden!!… I’ve watched it twice and wish it were longer!.. Great video girls!!

  12. Lucy says:

    Thank you for the wonderful tour. The colors! The patterns! Everything. Welcoming, happy and so inspiring.

  13. Great video, Can’t wait until Saturday, September 24, 2016 when the garden will be open to the public through the Garden Conservancy’s Open Days program.

  14. Old houses do have their quirks and challenges. Happy for the house that Christopher took it in hand and preserved the layout, yet brought so much new life into the rooms. Love the house and the land it sits on. Susanne looked very much at home on the outdoor settee. Many thanks for the tour.

  15. Addison says:

    Everything looks wonderful in your pictures. Thanks for sharing with us these beautiful impressions!

  16. Robert Franklin says:

    Is there anything sweeter than those chickens scrambling out of the barn?

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