At Home in Los Angeles With Lulu Powers

Lulu Powers and Susanna Salk-1

While celebrity chef and author Lulu Powers is primarily known for her entertaining expertise, her creativity known no bounds. With a passion for parties, culinary creations and spirited styling, Lulu’s home is the perfect expression of her fearless joie de vivre. Tag along with me and Susanna Salk as we visit Lulu in her colorful and lush Los Angeles home!

As The Entertainologist, Lulu is celebrated as a fun and inspiring source for accessible and easy entertaining with flair. And it is the same spirit in her home, where her effortless style finds expression with bold color choices and layered collections, making for personal and distinctive interiors.

Lulu Powers living room-1Whether inside, as in her sunny guest room, below

Lulu Powers guest room-1Lulu Powers home-1or out as in her take-me-away backyard pavilion,

Lulu Powers Los Angeles homeLulu’s sense of humor and joyous spirit shines through. Don’t forget to find more of Lulu’s fresh and innovative tips in her food and entertaining column in House Beautiful and in her book, just in time for spring and summer soirees chez vous!

Lulu Powers outdoor bar

So thank you Lulu for your generous hospitality. We’ll be raising our glass to you with a “sneeky” later today!

Lulu Powers and Susanna Salk-1all photos by Stacey Bewkes for Quintessence

21 thoughts on “At Home in Los Angeles With Lulu Powers

  1. LOVE Lulu!! Met her last year at Ocean Reef where she conducted a fabulous cooking class. Bought her cookbook, followed her monthly columns in House Beautiful, Kept them all! Can you tell — I’m smitten! Thank you for the video visit!! I’m keeping that, too!

  2. Loved this so much!!! I love Lulu’s energy and playfulness!! I wish I could have a sneaky with her everyday!

  3. Love the “chic hoarder”, line! As a mental health professional, who had the unfortunate experience of renting a room from a “not at all chic;!!” hoarder in Orange County, it made me giggle. I love my dog, so I put up with it. The coffee and drinks were my favorite. I’m living in Burbank now, delivering for Postmates in occasion, so Lulu let me know when you need something and have a drink and snack ready for me and Max (my gorgeous 17 year old, Korean Jindo/German Shepherd mix… lmao. I am not kidding either. Cheers

  4. Beautiful! Love all the color and attention to great detail. Who wouldn’t love to be invited to her home for cocktails and great conversation.

  5. What a wonderful house! And Lulu’s personality really shines. You are so lucky to have been able to go into such a welcoming space. Thank you for sharing.

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