photo by Stephane Kossmann

Last week I attended the opening of a wonderful new concept gallery/design space. Artelier is the result of a creative partnership between Claire Maestroni, owner of the chic upscale Greenwich retail establishment Mis en Scene and French-born sculptor and metalsmith Franck Areno.

The result is a unique multi-dimensional artistic space that is a bit hard to define.

It’s both a design trade showroom and a retail space. It’s a metalworking shop (above) for both residential and commercial work, an art studio that produces furniture and one of a kind decor items and a gallery space that shows antique and vintage finds, paintings and work from the studio.

Some work combines several aspects of the space’s functions like this rustic chic bookcase which repurposed old wood elements combined with newly manufactured metal shelving. Or this unique light made with vintage finds.

Aside from these one of a kind pieces, there are also several lines of reproducible items that can be customized in different finishes and sizes such as these light sculptural tables,

this lovely light whose appeal is not totally captured in this photo. There are tiny pearl-like lights on the inner rim of some of the arcs offering a festive yet asymmetrical ambience.

or this colorful console

Even the door to the metal workshop shows the handcrafted possibilities that could be applied to any metal working project for a home or commercial space.

All of this is located in a Soho-like loft space in an unexpected, off-the-beaten track corner of Greenwich, CT. In the back is a comfortable lounge area where many congregated during the evening’s activites. Here are Beth Dempsey and Laura Newman of Images & Details on either side of French red carpet photographer Stephane Kossmann, who had recently come back from covering his 20+ Cannes Film Festival.

There is an incredibly creative vibe in the space as you are enveloped by the artistic process. All around are innovative pieces, from driftwood sculpture

to inventive lighting

with eclectic vignettes all around.

As Maestroni explained, “This is an artistic platform where design can be explored, celebrated and shared.” Or – lucky for us, purchased.

17 thoughts on “Artelier

  1. Oh I really am amazed at this space. I am sure there will be many changes and progressions take place in this artelier!

    Art by Karena

    I have an amazing Giveaway from the Artisans at Novica. You will love it!

  2. I love the eclecticness of the space and would love a little time to wander through and take it all in. How wonderful to see such creative people realizing a unique vision.
    The driftwood sculpture captures my imagination and remind me of summer walks on the beach when I was a child. Gorgeous. You find the best places!

  3. Obvious that the owners took a long while to choose what they appreciate and love. I really like the door. I would like to have a revolving door like this is one of my rooms.
    Have a nice day, q.

  4. Oh some fabulous pieces and that space is fantastic. My brother in law can weld and I am forever trying to get him to make me things like these but he sticks to pool fences sadly.
    My favorite thing is, of course, Claire’s necklace!

  5. Wow what a collection of creativity. I love all of the natural elements they’ve used, especially the drift wood. Makes me want to go buy some power tools! Thank you for sharing this!

  6. I love the almost out of the box way in which the space was decorated. Wonderful and unexpected mix of elements and textures!

  7. What a fabulous space. One would not know where to look, in the fear of missing something!

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