Announcing Pandora de Balthazár

I’m thrilled to announce that the project I have been working on this summer is now live. It’s been my privilege to help bring the beautiful luxury products of Pandora de Balthazár to life online. The largest collector and purveyor of antique textiles in the country, with over 2 million pieces in stock, Pandora and her team search the world over for the best in quality and design.

From beautiful bedding

to elegant tabletop

to elaborate window treatments from centuries old European laces

or simpler treatments,

Pandora’s vast collection has it all. And whatever she doesn’t have, she and her team are willing to scour the marketplace for. What makes Pandora de Balthazár, the company, unique is their ability to redesign these pieces of history into every day luxuries for modern living, creating heirloom quality textiles and linens for both serious collectors and those who simply require the best. No detail is overlooked. If you can dream it, Pandora’s expert seamstresses can execute it, including beautiful monogramming that can even be duplicated from existing family heirlooms.

After a near fatal car accident, Pandora spent 6 months in bed recovering. It was during this time that she developed her now patented Sleep System, the core of which is a collection of four specially sized pillows, to support and envelop you in a luxurious cloud of the very best Hungarian goose down.

Ergonomically positioned, the pillows help you enjoy a night of rejuvenating rest in the proper position. Of course she also carries the most exquisite shams to cover them, as well as coordinating sheets, duvets, bed skirts, canopies etc. From beautiful antique linens

to more contemporary designs

to custom applications, all are executed with impeccable workmanship.

Pandora is dedicated to the importance of the restorative power of sleep. The combination of healthful sleep and beautiful textiles together form Pandora’s mission to help her clients create a haven within their home. Her latest addition to her line is a collection of all natural handmade lavender products.

Pandora is already a well known “secret” source to in-the-know designers around the world and has been widely published.

I am beyond excited to be seeing these gorgeous offerings for the first time in person later today at Brimfield! But for those of you who can’t, there is now the new website, which will continue to offer more images, interesting articles, and hopefully e-commerce for many of her products. Let Pandora introduce you to the beauty of antique textiles and the luxury of sleeping well – of creating a place to renew mind, body and spirit.

41 thoughts on “Announcing Pandora de Balthazár

  1. Stacey,
    Congratulations on the launch of Pandora de Balthazar online! They are exquisite and I’m sure the feel is heavenly. How wonderful to know that beautiful old lace and linen can be brought back to life and enjoyed for many more generations.
    Just beautiful!

  2. Dear Stacey:

    Thank you for all of your help this summer on executing the creative vision of my company’s social media client, Pandora de Balthazar European Luxury Bedding. Without your complete dedication and your unique creative and visual ability to distill the complicated down to the essence of a brand, her new website would never have been done on deadline. It is a beautiful representation of what she stands for in bringing luxury and healthy rest to her clients and customers.

    I would like to invite your readers who use Facebook to *LIKE* her Page at: and, if they use twitter, to follow her at @Pan_deBalthazar so they can get up to date information on ideas for their own homes, breaking news and new *finds*!

    If your readers are headed to the Brimfield Tweetup today and tomorrow, they can also play her *Trash2Treasure* game on Facebook to have the opportunity to win a 1500 shopping spree in her Brimfield tent tomorrow afternoon: Here’s her blog with all of those details:

    Also, Pandora will be showing her linens this fall in several additional venues, most notably, the Round Top Antiques Fair at the end of this month and High Point Market in October where she will be showing in the Antique and Design Center.

    For any of your readers that would like to go a bit deeper, I’d like to share this link to a recent interview conducted with Pandora by the Antique Design Center team:

    Again, thank you Stacey, for expressing her vision through your hard work all summer long on the creative direction for her elegant new site at and a special shoutout from me to Brian McDaniels{@bkmacddaddy who was our developer.

    See you this morning in Brimfield!


    Leslie {@tkpleslie}

  3. How fabulous! Being a textile whore, I am flushed with excitement to see such a well thought out and luxurious company emerge. Finding this level of quality is getting harder and harder. After six months in bed she certainly made the most of her time…amazing. I really look forward to seeing and touching this line of goods in the near future. Just gorgeous!

  4. The website is beautiful nd so is thus post. I adore the drapes with flowers on the leading edge. I am heading to Brimfield tomorrow. I have never been. Where can I find Pandora? And do you have any other recommendations?

  5. Wow this is incredibly exciting!! The line looks AMAZING! I look forward to checking it out, being a sucker for fine linens, this is right up my alley! And I bet that line of lavendar products smells exquisite. Congrats Stacy!

  6. I do enjoy hanging on to your skirt tails as you wisk us into worlds of beautiful products. These linens and pillows, bedding and curtains are so so gorgeous. Congratulations to you on your collaboration with her!

  7. q- linens are my favorite luxury! This company has some beautiful things.
    I will have ot bookmark the company, and thank you for sharing. Such a wonderful job you have done here.
    Have a nice day.

  8. Oh my. These pieces are exquisite Stacey, what a remarkable collection! Congratulations, have a fabulous time at Brimfield today, now I *really* wish I could be there!

    Sending you a congratulatory smile,

  9. Kudos! A beautiful site and gorgeous products. You were clearly a great match for a brand that embodies living with substance and style! Congrats!!

  10. Congratulations! Pandora de Balthazar online looks wonderful. The quality is obvious just from the photos. That bed on the beach shot is fabulous. I love the feel and look of good linens but what I’m obsessed with right now is that lighting fixture in the contemp’ bedroom!

  11. Stacey,
    Congratulations to you and to Pandora de Balthazar. My Grandmother thought my wedding dress needed lace which it had none. She would have appreciated Pandora’s aesthetic and regard for lace. The first image is really unbelievably heavenly.

  12. These are stunning! I sleep in hand embroidered linens which were done for me as a young girl as part of a typical french “trousseau”. I just love the feel of linen, especially when dried on a line on a sunny day.
    Was hoping to see you to night during the Greenwich fashion night.
    Hope to get together sometimes this fall??

  13. I’m late in stopping by, but so excited to see what you have been up to. Of course it’s something incredibly elegant and beautiful. Congratulations! What an amazing way to bring some loveliness into life.

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