Winter in Connecticut

This year’s winter in Connecticut is how I remember the season growing up – when my mother would escort me to the neighbor’s house in fear that a drift would consume me. Or when older spending hours with our flexible flyers on the neighborhood hill, endlessly making the long trek to the top for the quick thrill of the ride to the bottom. But the cold was worth it, knowing we would come home with pink cheeks and frozen mittens to a lunch of tomato soup and grilled cheese.

winter in connecticutI was happily ensconced inside yesterday, remembering those days and admiring the snowscapes in my yard, the blanket of white creating endless graphic photo opps.

Winter in ConnecticutI couldn’t have baked a more perfect snow cake.

Winter in Connecticut   Lounging in a pool of snow

Winter in Connecticut

Trees bearing the burden of snowmass.

Winter in ConnecticutBlack and white beautiful.

Winter in ConnecticutWishing you a wonderful winter weekend. I’m going to enjoy nature’s pristine bounty – from a comfy chair inside!

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8 Responses to Winter in Connecticut

  1. Elle says:


  2. Thank you for sharing! I am so jealous, I love a great snowstorm. So beautiful and peaceful. Put another log on the fire and enjoy! xo ebb

  3. I like your snowstorm better then mine Stacy we received three feet and can’t move easily outside…it’s a lot of snow! But yours is beautiful.


  4. Stacy Bass says:

    Beautiful shots! So serene and peaceful.

  5. Bundle up! Beautiful photos.

  6. Gorgeous pictures! The snow is slowly melting here in the city-turning into that grey slushy mess–but its still lovely!

  7. A winter wonderland! Beautiful pictures!

  8. pve says:

    I love your writing which effuses a certain energy and calm. I always want more of that in my life.
    Would you ever consider writing a novel?

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