The Landscape Designs of Doyle Herman

There are some areas of design where I know what I like but have no knowledge of how to achieve it. Landscape design is one of those disciplines and I am thankful for the likes of Doyle Herman here in Connecticut, whose work I have admired for years. And I am now delighted to have a compendium filled with beautiful examples of their designs. The Landscape Designs of Doyle Herman Design Asssociates presents the wide ranging span of their work, from structured Tudor-style to cottage-like English gardens to spare modern forms.

doyle hermanWith inspiration from the past, their work embraces the natural world, the architecture it surrounds and the melding of artistic and technical demands. I love how architect Mark Ferguson describes the firm’s talents in his foreword. “There are few landscape designers who understand the functionality, the scale, and the ambiance of a residential property and James, Kathryn and their gifted staff are among the most sensitive, creative and capable. Their work…reveals a heightened beauty that renders nature a place of dignity and joy.” What more could you ask for!

Doyle Herman While Doyle Herman certainly works on properties of estate proportions, they also amplify smaller residences. This classic colonial on a half-acre was enhanced with improved parking, privacy and curb appeal with a sense of structure created by the rounded boxwoods and conical yews. A custom designed gate adds charm and seclusion.

doyle hermanAnd here you can see how the more formal  front plantings augment the Tudor style architecture of this grand Greenwich home.

Doyle Herman For an early 19th century home, with owners who wanted to honor the house’s history,  Doyle Herman designed both formal gardens and bucolic country settings. Below marks a transitional area with a structured allée underplanted with more rustic flowers. Best of both worlds!

Doyle Herman Just as with any other design discipline, it’s all in the details. On the same property, a repetition of delightful elements unifies the design throughout.

Doyle HermanOne of my favorite distinguished properties in Greenwich maintains its classic 1928 appeal with a convivial conversation between house and property. Organic yet grounded, the elegant, refined setting is both quiet and serene, lush and vibrant.

Doyle Herman The front facade is perfectly appointed with well behaved ivy (Hedera helix for those of you who know your stuff).

Doyle Herman

The elegance of the entrance is augmented by an ancient oak. New double boxwood hedge, groundcover and rhododendron are fresh yet look as though they’ve always been there, impeccable in their timeless appeal.

Doyle Herman

Newly built homes receive the same meticulous attention, establishing a landscape that feels mature and appropriate. Every aspect of this property was thoughtfully re-imagined, combining classic design with a contemporary sensibility. Custom designed gates enclose the verdant pool area. Traditional when shut, they reveal a reflective modern sculpture when open, the ultimate terminal point of a long axial line that began at the front door.

Doyle HermanSuch comprehensive plans are typical of the firm where grand gesture meets minute detail. And nowhere is this more evident than at Old Mill Farm, one of “the last great estates” of Greenwich, totaling 75 acres. Generous scale and form are perfectly proportioned to the house, where a glimpse of the private gardens beyond is offered through a wrought iron gate.

Doyle Herman The charm of a labyrinth (bottom) is seen from an elevated seating area accessed through a custom wrought iron gate.

Doyle HermanAnd after the recent prematurely sweltering weather, I thought ending with  a couple more of my favorite pools would be refreshing. A new English Tudor style home in the neighboring town of New Canaan features a pool set on its own level. Fastigate (yes, I had to look it up too) hornbeams surrounded by boxed hedging lend an elegant formality to the area.

Doyle Herman

And back in Greenwich, a new pool house is one of the most enchanting I’ve seen of late. Sculpted trees and hedges give a sense of enclosure while chic striped chaise cushions complete the timeless picture.

Doyle Herman

Doyle Herman are masters of their craft. Celebrating craftsmanship and the tradition of timeless design, they “enlarge, ennoble and enliven” the landscapes they shape. Take a vicarious visit through these exquisite grounds and gardens – you’re sure to be inspired.

6 thoughts on “The Landscape Designs of Doyle Herman

  1. I just returned from a garden tour in England and wish as a young woman I had done the tour when bought my first house. Wh at you can see from these talented landscape designers is the understanding of the underlying structure. I’ve promised to take my daughter for a small garden tour before she buys her first house. Even if you don’t design your own gardens, understanding what is being proposed and educating your eye is important.

  2. I adore the images you selected as representative examples of Doyle Herman’s breadth. There is charm and elegance throughout, but what I like most is the hint of intrigue… the allure of something just beyond, a secreted place – even with just 1/2 a acre. I would love even a dilapidated shack just so they could landscape the surrounding area. Thank you for this wonderful introduction to a most talented design team.

  3. What beautiful gardens and interesting details! Sadly, our yards have been neglected given the construction projects so we’re way behind in our summer plantings… Perhaps we should just hire professionals!
    C + C

  4. Beautiful graceful designs .. Has inspired my sunday gardening. Thanks Matthew for the information on this book k

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