Thank You Design Bloggers Conference

A big thank you to those who nominated me for the Design Bloggers Conference Hall of Fame Awards. I am truly honored to be a finalist in two categories this year, both of which include an amazing group of talented writers and bloggers. And a very grateful nod to the judges for including me as one of the final five.

Design Bloggers ConferenceTo those who have already let me know they have cast their vote – please know I am very appreciative of your support and the fact that you take the time to read Quintessence. And of course congratulations to all the nominees – creating quality content on a consistent basis requires a major commitment of time and effort. I think all would agree, it is gratifying to know there are people who enjoy and value your work!

12 thoughts on “Thank You Design Bloggers Conference

  1. It seems like just yesterday you were starting this blog–the fact that is it now one of the best (in my opinion–THE best!) out there is a testament to your countless hours of hard work, your clear, thoughtful writing, and your wonderful eye for beauty. Congrats on being so deservedly recognized! You have my vote!!!

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