Thank You Design Bloggers Conference

A big thank you to those who nominated me for the Design Bloggers Conference Hall of Fame Awards. I am truly honored to be a finalist in two categories this year, both of which include an amazing group of talented writers and bloggers. And a very grateful nod to the judges for including me as one of the final five.

Design Bloggers ConferenceTo those who have already let me know they have cast their vote – please know I am very appreciative of your support and the fact that you take the time to read Quintessence. And of course congratulations to all the nominees – creating quality content on a consistent basis requires a major commitment of time and effort. I think all would agree, it is gratifying to know there are people who enjoy and value your work!

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12 Responses to Thank You Design Bloggers Conference

  1. You have got this …in 2 categories. consider it DONE! You certainly deserve it because of your superior writing and informative materials every dang day!



  2. Congratulations—I just voted.

  3. applause, applause, applause . . .

  4. Courtney Cherna says:

    Just voted! You certainly deserve to win both categories! Courtney

  5. Lucrecia says:

    Congrats, you totally deserved it. ENJOY :)

  6. Franki Parde says:

    You are certainly one of the VERY BEST!! franki

  7. I voted – you deserve it! Best Blog! xx Ridgely

  8. Congratulations Stacey and sorry I only just voted. I hope you win because you deserve it!


  9. Brava!! I am happy to cast my votes for you, Stacey! Quintessence is always a great read! ox

  10. Leslie Wood says:

    A nomination well deserved! CongratulationsQ

  11. Elissa Grayer says:

    It seems like just yesterday you were starting this blog–the fact that is it now one of the best (in my opinion–THE best!) out there is a testament to your countless hours of hard work, your clear, thoughtful writing, and your wonderful eye for beauty. Congrats on being so deservedly recognized! You have my vote!!!

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