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New York Style at Verdura

At a recent visit to the beautiful Verdura boutique, I had the opportunity to see some highlights from the new holiday collection. Elegant signage to boutique Leading up to their 75th anniversary in 2014, they continue to focus on Fulco di Verdura’s life and inspirations, this fall showcasing the 40’s and 50’s, a golden age when, with backing from Cole Porter and Vincent Astor, he set up shop on Fifth Avenue.…
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Richard Keith Langham’s Country Charm

Richard Keith Langham is decidedly old school. And I mean that as a compliment. It certainly doesn’t imply his designs look dated but it does mean that they have an eminent livability reminiscent of his southern upbringing. He is a master of classic timeless rooms grounded in English heritage, gleaned from his years working in the studios of Mark Hampton and Keith Irvine.…
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Verdura Splendor

Only a handful of jewelry companies today can claim a legacy rich in history and design. Verdura is among them and I was lucky enough to attend a holiday party at their chic showroom last week to celebrate their new Hollywoodland Collection and visiting friend Frank Bowling, the Ambassador of the stylish Montage, Beverly Hills.…
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