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Boutet de Monvel self portrait Boutet de Monvel at Sotheby’s

Today continues the story of Paris and Art Deco with the work of fascinating artist Bernard Boutet de Monvel, whose art is the subject of a Sotheby’s Auction in Paris on April 5th and 6th. I first became acquainted with the work of Boutet de Monvel from the portrait of Le Maharadjah d’Indore which graces the cover of a favorite book, Made for Maharajas.…
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Penny Ashford Spirit of Water The Spirit of Water at the Antiques and Artisan Center

I have written many times about one of my favorite local haunts. The Antique and Artisan Center in Stamford is a not-so-secret source for all manner of wonderful antiques, accessories and vintage finds for your home. And for the next few weeks, it is also a destination for contemporary art.…
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Fortuny y Madrazo | An Artistic Legacy

It wasn’t until I saw the exhibit Fortuny y Madrazo: An Artistic Legacy at the Queen Sofia Spanish Institute that I realized what an incredibly rich family history was behind this legendary talent. While we think of Fortuny as a name primarily associated with Venice, it is actually the strength of his familial Spanish heritage that fueled his passions.…
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