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Ngoc Minh Ngo photo at Flowers Through Art at Bunny Williams Flowers Through Art at Bunny Williams Home

Deborah Needleman began her Sign of the Times piece in last week’s T Magazine Design issue, “This country is in the midst of a floral revolution.” And while she was referring to the new natural sensibility in flower arrangements (see my piece on Foraged Flora), it also applies to a wider range of artistic endeavors.…
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Bunny Williams Home new flagship showroom NYC A Flagship for Bunny Williams Home

Bunny Williams has long had tempting outposts to purchase her chic products and finds. Whether shopping for Bunny Williams Home collections through the trade or directly online or seeking unique vintage selections at her former Treillage stores, you were always assured of finding something special for your home.…
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Stylish Shopping Dividend | Bunny Williams Home at John Rosselli

Just as Alexa Hampton described the John Rosselli showroom as an embarrassment of riches in Susanna Salk’s and my stylish shopping episode with her, so was our video with the dynamic designer. John RosselliI was reminded of when I was college touring with my eldest and some of the top tier schools explained they could fill their freshman class three times over with equally qualified applicants.…
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