Flowers Through Art at Bunny Williams Home

Ngoc Minh Ngo photo at Flowers Through Art at Bunny Williams

Deborah Needleman began her Sign of the Times piece in last week’s T Magazine Design issue, “This country is in the midst of a floral revolution.” And while she was referring to the new natural sensibility in flower arrangements (see my piece on Foraged Flora), it also applies to a wider range of artistic endeavors. Florals in fashion is certainly not new but this season in particular saw a plethora of designers embracing the concept.

Flowers Through Art in fashionall photos via

From (l to r) Alessandro Michele’s maximalist vision at Gucci to Carolina Herrera’s modern feminine classics to the florals-meet-sportswear collection from new Ferragamo designer Fulvio Rigoni, or the floral motifs within relaxed silhouettes at Victoria Beckham, florals covered the runway!

Ngoc Minh Ngo photo at Flowers Through Art at Bunny WilliamsIn interiors, flowers have been making a strong comeback everywhere from traditional chintzes and toiles to more modern interpretations. And now Bunny Williams had the brilliant idea to welcome spring with an art show curated with a floral theme.

John Funt painting at Flowers Through Art at Bunny WilliamsFlowers Through Art opened on Tuesday evening at Bunny’s beautiful showroom, with a great turnout from the world of design despite the dreadful weather. Here within the stylish showroom is a great selection of artwork in a range of styles and sizes,

Christian Brechneff art at Flowers Through Art at Bunny Williamsincluding the work of painters Christian Brechneff, Hilary Cooper, John Funt, Bill Tansey and photographer Ngoc Minh Ngo.

Bill Tansey painting at Flowers Through Art at Bunny Williams

As with any well designed setting, the showroom gives shoppers a wonderful sense of how the art can look in a space

Christian Brechneff art at Bunny Williams

and work with furniture, lighting and accessories. It’s so helpful to get hanging ideas and see how the pieces are grouped and placed with a knowledgeable sense of scale and proportion.

Flowers Through Art at Bunny WilliamsOf course the most important consideration in purchasing art is to buy what you love, but if you are hesitant about how to incorporate it into your home, you’ll find inspiration galore at the show.

Painting by Bill Tansey painting at Bunny Williams

And whether you’re an avid gardener like Bunny or have a black thumb like me, there’s a chic new source for adding a little flower power to your home for a touch of spring all year!

Bunny Williams Flowers Through Art show

all photos by Stacey Bewkes for Quintessence

10 thoughts on “Flowers Through Art at Bunny Williams Home

  1. Hazel Virginia says welcome to floral homes !!! Iam a floral water colourist and dress my home.

    For the summer where cream covers covers my sofas and the wall have fresh new work , large pictures Depicting my love of flowers . I allso do new cushions to pick up the colors that I use in my work . There are floral displays through out the house ” come on summer ” and thanks to bunny !
    Wishing all at quintessence. A lovely summer . Hazel. Manchester. U.K.

  2. I am enjoying Foraged Flora on the bedside table, thanks to you! This post is also a keeper. The works are strong and inspiring! Hoping your day is full of such energy.

  3. Two of my passions are art and flowers so this post makes me so happy!
    Thank you, Stacey for a beautiful story.

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