Trompe L’oeil Wicker Boat Valet Tray


Trompe L’oeil Wicker Boat Valet Tray

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The boat valet is a Scanlon Apparati favorite but this is the first time it has been offered, exclusively for Q Worthy, in this chic trompe l’oeil wicker paper. It was imagined as old inventory in a Venetian paper shop, to be exact a stack of them on a low shelf. The timeless wicker pattern is the perfect segue between masculine and feminine style. Handy as any valet to collect the flotsam and jetsam of work at one’s desk, next to one’s bed, or even in the bathroom.

Boat size: W: 6” D: 9” H: 3.5”

Paper is wipeable. Pair it with the matching Wicker Hamper for a chic set!

A Scanlon Apparati exclusive for Q Worthy

Beth Scanlon’s exquisite cartonnage, decoupage and dioramas, under her label Scanlon Apparati, are coveted creations of functional art. And whether you are an art history cognoscenti (her work often has historical references) or merely admirer of her beautiful designs, it’s impossible not to appreciate her meticulous craftsmanship and imaginative vision. Influenced by a personal and romantic interpretation of Seventeenth Century Baroque decorations created with colored paper and canvas called Apparati, her work is a delight.