Delft by Plain English

The popularity of Plain English kitchens has proven the appeal of how the values of the past can successfully inform the way we live now. Their traditional bespoke kitchens, with their signature exquisite craftsmanship, materials and design, have been fulfilling clients’ dreams for over 25 years .

Plain English New York showroom

In their handsome New York City showroom, above, a popular feature was always the wall of Delft tiles behind the very British AGA, below.

Plain English NYCtwo photos above by Stacey Bewkes for Quintessence

So I’m sure everyone will be as thrilled as I to see the introduction of Delft by Plain English, five new collections of handmade, hand painted tiles inspired by antique Dutch originals in the owners’ archives.

Delft by Plain English

From children playing to angels and cherubs to mythical sea creatures, these hand crafted classics would add a dimension of depth and whimsy to any kitchen.

Delft by Plain English

two photos above courtesy of Plain English

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