Pre-Fall Favorites

It somehow seems crazy to be looking at the pre-fall collections now in the midst of winter but if these collections are any indication of what will be unveiled next month at Lincoln Center, then ladies, save your pennies because there is a lot of lovely coming down the pike. Here are a few of my favorites. Nina Ricci’s wearable lady like collection is irresistible. Love the shoes and bags as well.

These big floppy hats were everywhere.

How FABULOUS is this color combination.

a little boho glamourready for date night

photos courtesy of Nina Ricci

The always lovely Lanvin

sporting some of the new longer lengths.

and fabulous mix of color and texture (and yes, animal prints and fur are here to stay)

But for me the surprise star of the season was the Bally line rejuvenated by the new design team of Michael Herz and Graeme Fidler. I loved just about every single piece in this effortless chic collection

Lanvin & Bally photos by Kevin Sturman

So even though we’re a bit ahead of ourselves, the fashion forecast is set – classic is here to stay (at least for one more season)!

46 thoughts on “Pre-Fall Favorites

  1. So many pretty pieces here, but I especially adore the last one! Such an unusual color (suede perhaps?) on the pocketing and other details — wonderful. I also really enjoy the color combination in the third image — warm, yet cheerful, somehow… thank you for sharing these…

    wishing you a lovely weekend ahead, xoxo

    • Hi Sarah – Isn’t that coat FABULOUS??!! I have a feeling it’s suede since Bally has such a heritage with leather and they incorporated it into many of the pieces. Wishing you a great weekend as well.

    • Hi Diana – I’m just loving all these beautiful collections!! The date night dress reminds me of the Lanvin one I featured in my Road Trip post – both gorgeous.

  2. Hi quintessence…
    I need to become a better fashionista…
    my wardrobe is so lacking…
    but these fashions are stunning..
    a good place for me to start..
    have a great Saturday..

    • Hi Maureen – Yes and the good news is that there will be trickle down so that by the time fall comes, more affordable collections will be featuring looks like these.

    • Hi Mona – Welcome! It’s not always fashion here – but you got a nice eyeful today! Yes, I love that the trend of classic elegance seems to be continuing. Will stop by and visit in a bit.

  3. Red & turquoise. YES! As a jewelry designer I often think “Mother Nature doesn’t make mistakes.” When you are creating jewelry you put piles of stones around and no matter how you combine them it always seems right. So red coral & natural turquoise is beautiful, just like the outfit. And, I love the necklace in the pic. xx’s to you Q.

    • Hi Marsha – Yes, love this combination for fashion, interiors and jewelry as well. So glad you have finally put up your beautiful collection. I have to do some more perusing :-)

  4. Lovely!! I just adore the first look, and the last! And, I have been loving
    turquoise + red so much lately. A great early peek! Thank you. ; )

    • Hi Barbara – Yes, that last coat is just fabulous – the color and texture combination is wonderful!

    • LA – I’m definitely going to add something longer to my wardrobe this year – just love that look. And although I’m not normally into much color, I’m going to make in effort in that regard as well – that turquoise/red combo is right up my alley – unexpected and little “off”.

  5. Gorgeous round up! I’m especially smitten with the first look and i see my name on that bag! Hope you’re having a fab weekend! XX

    • Hi Stacey – Thank you! That first one is classic and would go with everything! Not to mention you could break up the pieces for mix and match. I’ve loving that bag as well!

  6. Oh, my! I see we are both looking forward to Fall Fashion Week. And it seems we both love Nina Ricci and Lanvin. I knew I liked your style!

    • Hi Yolanda – Yes, we both understandably liked these collections – I thought they were two of the best.

    • Thank you! Oh he is doing a really marvelous job and I’m glad to hear the line is doing well – it certainly deserves to!

    • Hi Anita – I love that combo – I want to do it in my bedroom. And thank you so much for thinking of me for the award!!

    • Hi Jeanne – Thanks – I love these collections – it looks like fall is going to be fabulous. Thank you so much for passing along the Stylish Blogger Award – I’m flattered and of course appreciative.

    • Hi Shari – Thank you!! Looks like fall is going to be fabulous. Love what you’re doing with everyone’s sites – they all look terrific!

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