NY Fashion Week Fall 2012: Nanette Lepore

While I always appreciate the youthful exuberance of Nanette Lepore‘s collections, this was by far my favorite collection of hers in quite a while. The upbeat artisanal patterns have a cross generational appeal with many pieces that can be added to an existing “grown up” wardrobe for a punch of color and fun. Thanks to my friend Linda Levy at Richard’s, I had the opportunity to visit backstage before the show. The story board gave a hint of what was to come.

It’s always a little hectic as models are preparing for their cat walks

And clothes are being lined up in order on the racks – there’s that gold again!!

Stanley Tucci is a regular at Nanette’s shows.

The first look set the tone with the gem print coat and chartreuse cloqué top and skirt. Featuring a completely different palette than most of the other shows, it felt a little bit more like spring than fall, but I loved the cheerful upbeat vibe nonetheless.

While I normally tend toward more neutral colors and classic lines for fall, I would wear this chartreuse velveteen jacket in a second.

I was happy to see a few more ladylike pieces in this collection including both fashion and accessories.

The chartreuse and green was a strong color story. We’ve seen these as popular colors for interiors this spring. Although I personally find this yellow-y version of chartreuse a tough color to wear, I loved that pretty forest green blazer. And see that hand in the lower left? It’s Bill Cunningham – he was sitting right in front of me, with what I’m sure are very different results!!

This blue and mulberry mix looks so fresh. The cyan ribbed sweater and lace skirt is a totally winning easy-to-wear day time look

that Lepore extended to a fun coat and dress as well.

Her tarot prints have a versatile ethnic chic going on.

They mix well with the gold trend

and can be dressed up for a more sophisticated take on BoHo Glam

The red we have been seeing around the shows made a strong showing chez Nanette, trending with her prints as an outerwear addition

or as a color block section of this pretty dress.

I usually view Lepore’s shows with my daughter or young consumer in mind but it was wonderful to see her extending her reach with this collection. With fewer girly frills and some longers hems, I think she’ll find a wider group considering these pieces.

As always, Lepore took a quite final wave with her daughter Violet. They are happy for good reason!!

Photos by Q. and Alessandro Viero/GoRunway.com

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12 Responses to NY Fashion Week Fall 2012: Nanette Lepore

  1. Jane says:

    Loved this collection! I also cannot wear that chartreuse color but love seeing it on others and used in interiors.

  2. I can’t wear chartreuse myself but it’s a fun and lively color. I really like these pieces many that I could wear without looking like I was trying to be younger.

    Enjoy your Thursday!

  3. Carla Aston says:

    Som great color here. Love the chartreuse and the combinations.

  4. Nanette Lepore looks terrific this season. The colors are fantastic– I think I might be brave enough to wear the chartreuse…. maybe. How fun to see a peak behind the scenes – and to be seating behind Bill Cunningham. Love him!

  5. Didn’t enjoy this as much as some of the others, probably the strong colors. I did like the blue and mulberry mix very much and that last color block dress, quite nice.

  6. Love the vermillion, and I love the way they are showing a modified swing jacket in the lines. I love the flattering swing coat.
    Hope that you have enjoyed this time at fashion week, Stacey. Love Standley Bucci’s work!
    Happy Thursday.

  7. stitchfork says:

    I’m with Jeanette, enjoyed the other collections more. But oh so fun to see them all thru your lens Q!
    xo Cathy

  8. Wow – these are just beautiful! So nice to see such feminine style and bright colours.

  9. pretty pink tulips says:

    I remember when I first discovered Nanette Lepore in my 20s. How wonderful to see her extending her line so that I can still wear it today!

    Love the photo of her with her daughter!

  10. The Zhush says:

    As I sit here reading this in my NL blouse (one of several) all I can think is YES! and Can’t wait!
    Thanks for this insider sneak peek!

  11. mary jo says:

    Love the colors! SO fun! Sounds like you will be out just in time to enjoy the gorgeous weather!

    xo Mary Jo

  12. Leslie says:

    This line has really evolved over the years! Lots of color here – very rich looking!

    Enjoy your weekend.


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