Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Spring 2013 | Lela Rose

At Mercedes Benz Fashion Week, Lela Rose frequently cites an artist or, in the case of last season, an architect, as inspiration for her collection. This time round, her muse was poetic installation artist Jim Hodges, whose work focuses on “the duality between lightness and mass, fragility and permanence…and the frailty of the human experience.” I love the intellectual component of Rose’s work and you can certainly see the translation of Hodges’ dichotomies, as expressed in his well known curtain of flowers,

Mercedes Benz Fashion Week

in Rose’s floral prints and flowing fabrics, such as this withering landscape organza dress.

Mercedes Benz Fashion Week

While she interpreted Hodges’ woven webs of chain rather literally in some of the pieces, I found the more successful executions were webs expressed in beautiful guipure lace, cut out and reassembled as flattering mirror image silhouettes.

Mercedes Benz Fashion Week

The first half of the collection was comprised mostly of bright tweeds, solid silks and camouflage landscapes, the latter referring to Hodges’ abstraction of natural forms.

Mercedes Benz Fashion Week

These contrasted with the more serene second half of the show featuring the softer more diaphanous fabrics and more subdued colors. This beautiful floral voile in the middle of the show walked the line between flowing fabric and clearly delineated lines of the seamed bodice, effectively utilizing the negative space of the pattern that I caught in the back view.

Mercedes Benz Fashion Week

I loved the ethereal combination of materials and workmanship in the nature inspired themes of these two dresses.

Mercedes Benz Fashion Week

These beautiful embossed and stamped organza gowns captured the elegant flow and drape we are seeing so much of for spring.

Mercedes Benz Fashion Week

The back views (evidently my specialty) were equally stunning

Mercedes Benz Fashion Week

But my favorite of the collection might just be this ink blue etched landscape dress with its full graceful skirt. With exquisite embroidery, feminine flow and elegant yet quietly sexy bodice, it floated like a dream down the runway. I barely remembered to grab my camera for the back view!

Mercedes Benz Fashion Week

All photos, unless otherwise noted as mine, by Yannis Vlamos/ for

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12 Responses to Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Spring 2013 | Lela Rose

  1. Splendid market says:

    What beautiful dresses, I’m dying to study all of the details close up, given your enticing descriptions. Did you take all of the photos? Well done, and I love seeing the back of that last one, so very pretty.

  2. Stacey-
    Such talent here. My favorite is the first dress, and I agree with you on the blue. Stunning.
    Happy Tuesday.

  3. So love the floral inspiration of Lela Rose’s new collection and need to find out more about Jim Hodges’ work. Looks amazing!
    C + C

  4. Amazing post S! Love Lela Rose and what gorgeous pics you shared with us .. I could imagine wearing any one of these feminine beauties ..
    Always look forward to your NYFW reports! Xo J

  5. Sarah O'Neil says:

    Exquisite!! The black and white pantsuit and that last black & white dress though… my eye keeps going back to them.

  6. Franki Parde says:

    Brilliant! Just gives an “uplifting” feeling to see these….”happy” creations. I’m “with you” on the “back interests…be it tabs, buttons, inverted pleats…almost like the “fifth wall.” franki

  7. the zhush says:

    Adore Lela Rose, great dress label, those black and white numbers are my fave!

  8. Truly feminine and gorgeous!! Beautiful post!
    The Relished Roost

  9. CJ Dellatore says:

    I love the fashions, but I’m absolutely crazy about the painted backdrop, should be upholstered into a marvelous sofa!!

  10. Lela Rose is a always a favorite, and this collection is a stunner. I agree, that landscape dress is just gorgeous. Love the beauty and the brains she puts into her work.

  11. All beautiful; the black and white dresses stand out the most to me! Love them

  12. is2dayTuesday says:

    The withering landscape organza gives me chills. Simply adore it.

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